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  1. HI all nurses, I am finishing my final practicum of nursing school, I graduate at the end of May. The thought of graduating was really exciting a couple months ago, but now that I have only a couple shifts left and will be losing my student status I ...
  2. Post-op ortho patient case

    A patient on my team was a fresh hip replacement post-op from the afternoon and it was now the evening. He was running a bit of a low BP (80/50) He hadn't voided post-op yet and had >900ml in his bladder, we decided to catheterize him. Before cath...
  3. Overlapping meds & vaso-questions

    yup makes sense! Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions :)
  4. Overlapping meds & vaso-questions

    Thanks for your reply! I'm just still a little bit stuck on the vasodilation/vasoconstriction...Your example of holding the brachial artery and witnessing vasodilation, I'm confused why it would vasodilate if the body wants to get rid of the co2, wou...
  5. Overlapping meds & vaso-questions

    Hi all you fabulous nurses out there! I have frustration built up and I would be so grateful to get some help on this stuff.... I have a couple questions: 1) Ex. A patient has Gravol ordered IV q4h and Ondansetron IV q6h-q8h. If I gave the patient Gr...
  6. Clinical Questions from a Nursing Student

    thank you jra2127, i appreciate it! :)
  7. Clinical Questions from a Nursing Student

    Thanks for your answers anyways! Many of these questions I had asked during clinical but didn't always get a clear answer so I figured this site is a good resource too.
  8. hi all nurses! i have many questions that i have compiled during my time working as an undergrad nurse. these are questions that i think about lying in bed at night after a day of work! so i apologize if my questions are all over the place because th...
  9. How to approach the beginning of shift?

    Thanks for everyones answers!
  10. Hi there I am a student nurse and I was hoping someone could help me out with organization and time managment ideas for typical shift on a heavy medical unit, The part that I have a hard time with is the time period directly after morning report has ...
  11. Questions from shift...

    Hello nurses! Here are some more of my usual random questions...Thank ahead of time for your help it means a lot! 1) How do you obtain a CDiff/stool sample from a total care patient?? Sounds silly but...say if patient is unable to bridge, would it be...
  12. Doctors?

    Hi there, this sounds silly to me too but I can honestly say I have never been taught about this.. Who are the doctors in a hosptial? Are the doctors that work in the hospital, only hospital doctors? Or do family doctors work in the hospital and in t...
  13. IV infusion confusion

    Thank you!
  14. IV infusion confusion

    Okay, I had the read the responses super slowly and I kind of understand. So this is my understanding...You cannot attach two different solutions by y-site using the same pump if they are going at different rates (that makes sense because you wouldn'...
  15. IV infusion confusion

    hi there allnurses community! i have some questions for you lovely helpful nurses! i suffer from a lot of confusion regarding iv infusions! questions: 1) patient has a continous infusion of ns going at 75 ml/hr and than dr orders a continuous infusi...