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  1. Pregnant L&D RN

    I'm a 33 weeks pregnant with my first baby. Thankfully, my pregnancy has been smooth. I've had a couple of episodes of night nausea, passed my GDM screening, gained 14.5 lbs, and baby is measuring well. Except, I am a Labor and Delivery nurse. The pa...
  2. L&D vs Postpartum ... literally

    I work in L&D and there is definitely tension with PP. To start, I work at a high-risk county/teaching hospital. We do recovery for both mom and baby. We do the baby bath, vaccines, skin-to-skin, breast feeding, baby blood sugars, hemacu, and pro...
  3. Keep an open mind. My coworkers (now RNs) started as LVN's and agree both programs are different in scope of practice. You are broadening your skills and critical thinking. There is always something new to learn. You do not want to start a program an...
  4. Transition from med-surg to labor and delivery

    I went from med-surg to L&D. The journey is different for everyone. It was all about the right timing/place situation for me. I would sign up for job alerts with facilities that have OB and have your cover letter and resume ready. Med-surg helped...
  5. FHR: Is mom big or is baby down?

    I am a new l&d nurse with close to 30 days on the floor. I work on a high-risk unit at a teaching hospital. I have 10 days left on orientation but have been caring for patients independently for a week (with my preceptor keeping a close eye, whic...
  6. 4 Mo. In, Want Out

    Thank you for your responses! Just an update- a month and a half after my post, our unit was expectantly shut down. :/
  7. 4 Mo. In, Want Out

    Hi everyone, I am posting this in dire need of direction. I have been on a med-surg overflow/research ward for 4 months. I did not have the luxury of landing a new grad program so my orientation was brutal- 6 weeks, with starting on the floor at firs...
  8. Hi, It depends on a lot of factors. Is someone helping you plan your wedding? If yes, I think you can squeeze in at least 4 hours a day of studying for the NCLEX. If not, consider your study habits. I graduated in early June and got married mid-July....
  9. Top 10 tips for nursing school

    I am halfway done with my program and I think I have a big part of it down: In the classroom: 1. Set expectations with your study group. Keep it at 5 people max. It's also okay for a study group to not work out- the people you socially connect with m...
  10. Pierce College FALL 2011

    I wonder how many people made it to the selection pool...I got in. This is the 8th school I apply to after completing most of my pre-reqs two years ago. I already have a bachelor's so I applied to all kinds of programs- entry master's, second bachelo...
  11. Pierce College FALL 2011

    Did anyone receive an acceptance email out there? :balloons:
  12. Pierce College FALL 2011

    Good luck everyone! Now I'm dreading coming home to the mail box.
  13. Pierce College FALL 2011

    Hi clenggg, Have you heard back from the program? I received the general email from the main office a week ago stating that they're still in the review process.
  14. Pierce College FALL 2011

    I'm so glad you responded! I am waiting for my last transcript to arrive and will turn in my application in person tomorrow. With the TEAS, I have the ATI study manual and McGraw Hill's Nursing School Entrance Exams book. I heard the ATI manual was ...
  15. Pierce College FALL 2011

    Hi! I am hoping there's someone out there applying to Pierce College. I recently found out about their program (ironically, I am from the San Fernando Valley and have been driving across counties for pre-reqs). I am scheduled to take the TEAS V on Ma...