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Hi everyone,

I am posting this in dire need of direction. I have been on a med-surg overflow/research ward for 4 months. I did not have the luxury of landing a new grad program so my orientation was brutal- 6 weeks, with starting on the floor at first then getting trained on policies. My "perceptors" where nurses who were leaving their position and didn't sign up to train me. On top of that, they had thick accents and were annoyed when I asked for clarifications...fast forward to now- I am on my own and function as the RN, NA, and secretary. We do not have a nurse's aid or secretary, we chart by paper and I am 3 people in 1. There is also the nurse bully who I've heard throw another new grad under the bus to the nursing supervisor, without addressing the nurse directly.

I have been working mostly evening shift and some nights. I have played "team nursing" and covered a few shifts. I have tried to look at the bigger picture and toward better days. But the truth is that I am exhausted, unhealthy with anxiety/insomnia, and don't see my husband too much (which is dangerous territory considering we just hit our 1 year anniversary), parents, or friends (as I actually moved for this position).

I would like my life back. What positions should I consider outside the hospital? My background is in public health and research. Any suggestions are appreciated!



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Well, if your job is really bad, the thing I would do is go PRN. Give any reason you can, definitely work some shifts and continue your search.

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Just hang in there! Start your job search now whether internally or externally from your hospital system.

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Go part time and look for a new job!

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In the event you aren't aware, there's a whole All Nurses section dedicated to first-year-out-of-the-gate folks such as yourself>First Year After Nursing Licensure Perhaps something there will better give you the guidance and reassurance you need.



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Dear Stary 01,

I hope that it helps to tell you that most of us have been through this. Start making a plan as the other posters have suggested. Ask your self how long do I/ can I stick this out. If the answer is "this is it" then quit and do per deim. But if you can do it for 2 or 3 or 4 more months then start researching what in nursing you want to do, contact someone who is doing it and ask to shadow them. Best case scenario they know of an open position and worst case you now have a contact in your chosen field. I hope this is helpful. I can tell you that I presently have really bad job, but even now I will say that nursing is the best career! I know what my limit is for this job and I am working towards my goal for getting into the public health field. Good luck & God bless you.


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look for another area of nursing. I felt the same way about Med-surg nursing and knew (from a child) that emergency nursing/med was where I'd eventually end up. Med surg nursing is hard, but it is a great foundation.



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Thank you for your responses! Just an update- a month and a half after my post, our unit was expectantly shut down. :/


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I was going to say try to hang in there for one year at least because that would look better when applying for other jobs...but now I see your unit was **** down? So now what are you doing? Did you find another job?