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  1. klea

    VA proficiency nurse III frustration & appeal

    Promotion to Nurse III at my VA is nearly impossible. My Manager literally told me "you basically have to walk on water" to get a nurse III. She said that I'd need to do something like develop and start a whole new program at the VA, including data showing how the new program has improved veteran care. Even the union rep told me that it's all about who you know, not what you've done. Happily, the rumor on the street at my VA is that the entire performance evaluation process is undergoing a major overhaul and becoming more objective. Promotion will be based on a set of clearly defined objective criteria that you either meet or don't. Fingers crossed!
  2. klea

    Humana Telephonic RN Case Manager

    Hi KeelaLPN-- How have your experiences with the company and the position been since starting? Are you happy with the position? I have a second interview next week and welcome your feedback :)
  3. klea

    Humana Employees

    Mrmarod01--How was the phone interview? I'm interviewing tomorrow....
  4. klea

    FL Hosp./ORMC Salaries

    Hello, I'm currently a RN in Orlando and am considering applying to Florida Hospital and/or ORMC. I have 4 years of experience in ER, Step Down and am currently in MH Case Management. I can't find anything about salaries at FL Hospital or ORMC--and am hoping some fellow RNs can share info. I don't want to waste anyone's time and apply if the salary is much less than my current hourly rate of approx $31/hr. Thank you so much!!
  5. klea

    VA CBOC RNs?

    Hello fellow VA RNs! I'm currently in acute care, but have an opportunity to transfer to a CBOC. The hours are great, and I hear it's less intense (physically) that acute care--no pt turning, lifting, code blues, code browns etc... Problem is, I don't know anyone who works at a CBOC! So, I'm hoping RNs here who currently work or have recently worked at a VA CBOC can provide some information about what the job entails, and what your day looks like? What do RNs do? I welcome all feedback! Thanks so much!!
  6. klea

    Current VA RN Here To Provide Assistance

    Really? Wow! I know many people who have transferred between VAs--including myself. I recently transferred to a different state. The process was pretty seamless. That said--it's not just a transfer. You have to be hired at the other VA-I had to interview, provide references, my annual evals etc... I also had to be re-boarded. The advantage is that as a VA employee, you get first option for an interview--technically. Also, you can apply for the positions listed for internal applicants only. And, the whole process is MUCH faster. Good luck!
  7. klea

    Current VA RN Here To Provide Assistance

    Hello fellow VA RNs! I'm currently working in acute care but have an opportunity to transfer to a CBOC. Are there any CBOC RNs out there? I'm wondering what your days looks like, and what the main duties are in the CBOC for an RN? I welcome all feedback-- Thanks!!
  8. klea

    Current GSU Students

    Hello, I'm currently completing my first semester of nursing school, and am feeling like I may have may a big mistake with my choice of schools. I was hard pressed in a decision between the ACE program at Georgia State and the traditional program I'm currently in. My biggest concern in the lack of professionalism of the faculty at my current college. Not ALL my professors, but most. Coming from a professional world --I really expected a much higher level of preparedness, organization and just overall professionalism. I'm also disappointed with how cliquey many of the students are--it's like being in junior high again at times. I've never had these experiences in education before. I'm considering transferring schools--if GSU would re-admit me as a transfer. If there are any BSN students out there attending GSU, I would LOVE to hear your opinions about the program. I know it's rigorous, I'm looking to learn more about the faculty, students and atmosphere in general. Please feel free to email or send a private message through all nurses... I really appreciate your held and insight! It's a tough decision trying to decide whether to stick it out or jump ship for potentially better waters....
  9. klea

    Following up on a job app

    I wonder the same thing! In the non-medical world, I've always followed up on applications, but wonder if that's appropriate in the nursing world....
  10. klea

    GSU FALL 2010

    Hello All- The wait list acceptances have begun! I was offered a spot a couple of days ago, and have to let GSU know my decision tomorrow. I'm not taking the spot (going elsewhere)--and was 1st on the wait list, so whoever is 2nd--expect a call soon :) Good luck and enjoy the program!
  11. klea

    Applying to Kennesaw nursing for spring 2011

    hello-- mercer seems to take a more holistic approach to admissions. obviously, teas and gpa are important, but they also consider other things--a brief essay, resume/work experience etc... see below for what they say on they are looking for (from their website). i can tell you that my friend who was not accepted into kennesaw (program gpa of 3.4 and teas 88+) was accepted into mercer. i too was accepted and offered a generous scholarship. honestly, if i could afford to attend, that's where i'd be going. i was really impressed with everything about them! they'll return your email really quickly--contact them with questions... good luck! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ they say this on their website: the completion of the prerequisites for the program. an overall gpa (this includes all coursework that has been attempted except for health, pe, orientation, and learning support courses). a transfer gpa (this includes courses that will transfer into the nursing program). a science gpa (this includes transferable science courses, such as anatomy and physiology i and ii; and microbiology). quality of the admissions essay. community service and work experience
  12. klea

    Kennesaw Accelerated BSN Fall 2010

    Hey All- This is a ridiculous question--but does anyone know where in Rome the Rome campus is located? I can't find an address anywhere on the Kennesaw website.... I'd like to mapquest it's location form my home if possible... Thanks!
  13. klea

    Kennesaw Accelerated BSN Fall 2010

    Learned last week that I've been accepted into the accelerated program But have not received any info yet in the mail....Hopefully this coming week. I think Fran said she was trying to get info out by Friday (4/30). Has anyone registered for the BLS certification/class yet? If anyone else is interested--I'm taking it here on May 9th: Georgia CPR offers CPR training, certification and Philips AED equipment. Did ya'll register for Fall classes already?
  14. klea

    Clayton State Fall 2010 BSN

    Hello, According to the advisors, the admissions criteria include your overall GPA, your math/science GPA and your TEAS scores. I don't know what the average TEAS is for accepted students--mine was an 88.2 if that helps. They said that to be most competitive, over a 3.25 GPA is best. It might be worthwhile to make an appointment to see one of the advisors to ask about what you can do to strengthen your application. That way you have a firm plan :) Also--apply, apply, apply--everywhere. More chances to get into a program. I applied to 4 nursing programs :) I don't think patho is a problem--I've not taken it yet--and doing so this summer...
  15. klea

    Kennesaw Accelerated BSN Fall 2010

    Fran said that there are 5 people on the accelerated wait list and 12 on the traditional list. Nobody has been accepted from the wait list, and likely won't be for 2-3 weeks. She said to sit tight and wait for now. She's been really helpful and nice--I'm sure she wouldn't mind if you contact her with questions....
  16. klea

    Kennesaw Accelerated BSN Fall 2010

    I was pretty shell shocked yesterday when I spoke with Fran and learned about their error (she was very apologetic)--so, it didn't occur to me to ask many questions at the time. This morning I have several though--and am contacting her again. I'll ask about the wait list # as well....