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Current GSU Students



I'm currently completing my first semester of nursing school, and am feeling like I may have may a big mistake with my choice of schools. I was hard pressed in a decision between the ACE program at Georgia State and the traditional program I'm currently in.

My biggest concern in the lack of professionalism of the faculty at my current college. Not ALL my professors, but most. Coming from a professional world --I really expected a much higher level of preparedness, organization and just overall professionalism. I'm also disappointed with how cliquey many of the students are--it's like being in junior high again at times. I've never had these experiences in education before.

I'm considering transferring schools--if GSU would re-admit me as a transfer.

If there are any BSN students out there attending GSU, I would LOVE to hear your opinions about the program. I know it's rigorous, I'm looking to learn more about the faculty, students and atmosphere in general. Please feel free to email or send a private message through all nurses...

I really appreciate your held and insight! It's a tough decision trying to decide whether to stick it out or jump ship for potentially better waters....

Hey! I am a current student at Ga State and I'm starting the ACE program this upcoming spring. I hear its pretty rigorous and I'm looking forward to it. As for you, I would weigh the pro's and con's. Find out if all your credits would transfer and if your financial aid will be okay and if so then you should definately consider it. Then make sure to find out how much longer you would have left before graduating and any paper work (immunizations, etc.) that you have to turn in. GSU is an awesome school and the Nursing department is great so far, they're very helpful. Good luck and let me know if you have any questions!

Hey, girl, I went through the EXACT same dilemma as you! I can't believe I forgot all about it. It happened to me in semester 1 as well. Don't worry, they ease up on you a whole lot more in the following semesters. Remember what I said... stay under the radar!