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  1. I wish I knew the easiest schools to get into in the Boston area because I would apply there as well! However alot of the schools in this region around Boston are VERY COMPETITIVE. A 2.95 GPA is not THAT bad. Many schools look only at your pre-req GP...
  2. Why did you choose to go into nursing?

    I volunteered in the Dominican Republic with my church. This sealed the deal for me. On our free time, a few volunteer members and I visited an orphanage that housed children suffering with HIV/AIDS. This is where I met a little girl Maria. Maria's m...
  3. Study or not?

    i would most definitely review the study packet before you take the test. i had to take the teas last september and i was so busy with my classes that i really had no time to study. i blew it off because from what i heard the teas was generally very ...
  4. Low GPA

    i was just wondering if there are any pre-nursing students in the same boat as me. i have a low gpa of 2.7 however a 3.4 gpa in my pre-reqs. i have taken all pre-nursing courses and i am also a cna. im so scared of not getting into nursing school and...