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  1. lion09

    How many patients do you have as a Psych. RN?

    Remember, although I'm responsible for 20 patients I'll have a med nurse and 2 MHWs. My responsibilities are admissions, discharges, dr's orders, answering the phone, blood draws, and supervise the other staff on the unit. My only concern is if it is manageable for a new grad. Orientation is twelve 8-hour-shifts. I will also be floating to different psych. units.
  2. lion09

    Psych. RNs

    Jules A, How many shifts did you initially have? How many RNs per unit and how many units does the hospital have? I'm trying to figure out what the odds are for me to work more shifts? Thanks.
  3. lion09

    Psych. RNs

    I will be in charge of the unit and be responsible for 20 patients. My duties are patient admissions, discharges, charting, answering the phone and supervise MHWs. There is an LVN passing meds on our team. Do you think it's to risky to be responsible for the whole unit as a new grad? Thanks.
  4. lion09

    Psych. RNs

    I am a New Grad RN and have gotten an offer for an RN position at a psychriatric hospital. It's per diem and I would be scheduled for one 8-hour-shift per week. There are only one RN per unit and there is a total of 5 units at the hospital. The hiring manager says I'm likely to get more shifts to fill in as needed, but that there are no guarantees. Anyone been in the same situation and how did it turn out? Remember there is only one RN per unit. I can't afford only working 4 shifts a month.
  5. I'm a new grad RN and I'm offered a per diem RN position at a hospital. I will only work one eight-hour-shift per week. Isn't that kind of odd to only work one shift per week? How many shifts do you all have as per diem RNs? Thanks.
  6. I'm a new grad who applied for an RN position in a psychiatric hospital. My duties would be to chart, doctor's orders, admissions and discharges. I will have 20 patients, but I'll have another nurse administer medications, and MHW help and interact with patients. I would do a quick "check-in" with patients to assess their affect, but other than that the manager said that the RN doesn't interact much with the patients since the RN is responsible for 20 patients. Does 20 patients sound resonable? remember, I don't administer medications. I will be in charge of the unit and if anything happens it is on me. So does that mean I could lose my license if a patient gets hurt e.g. committs suicide due to lack of observation by a MHW? Thanks.
  7. lion09

    Job offer

    What happens if you accept a job offer for an RN position, and then later before the start date change your mind? Thanks.
  8. lion09

    RN hourly rate

    For HouTx, What do you mean with "there is a REASON the pay in Eagle Pass is that high?"
  9. lion09

    Thank you note

    Do you think it is redundant to send a "thank you email" and also mail a "thank you card" after an interview for an RN position at a hospital? If you think I should do both, can I write the same stuff in the email as I write on the thank you card? Many thanks.
  10. lion09

    Question after an interview

    There were two people interviewing me. I know that you are supposed to mail a seperate thank you card to each person at the interview, but I'm planning on sending a combined "thank you note" by email. Do I start out by saying "Ms. Kelly Smith and Ms. Jane Jones" ?
  11. lion09

    Question after an interview

    I just had my first interview for a new grad RN position at a hospital. Am I supposed to immediately send a thank you note by email and also mail a thank you card? or is it better to just mail a thank you card and no email note? Thanks.
  12. lion09

    How i landed a new grad position

    For Skysthelimit, When you called HR regarding wether they had any New Grad RN positions available you said that they gave you a call when they did have a position open. I was wondering how chatty you were when you spoke to HR. Did you just give them your number or did you give them a "60 sec. introduction of yourself"? I just wanted to get some tips about how personal I should be with HR. Thanks in advance.
  13. I'm applying for an RN position at a psych. hospital and I've got a question regarding the application. In the application under "additional skills and experience" it says, "include all knowledge of medical equipment proficiencies" What type of medical equipment do you think they are referring to? Thanks a lot.
  14. Did anyone go to Nurse Weeks' career fair in Pasadena today (2/25/10)? I'm curious how it was. Was it long lines to talk to representatives of the different hospitals? What did they say about hireing new grads? I know that one seminar was about "is it really a nursing shortage?" What did they say about that? When are they expecting hireing more new grads? Thanks.