Question regarding psych. RN application


I'm applying for an RN position at a psych. hospital and I've got a question regarding the application. In the application under "additional skills and experience" it says, "include all knowledge of medical equipment proficiencies" What type of medical equipment do you think they are referring to?

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Anything relevant. IV pumps, automated med dispensers, specific charting systems, O2, suction, etc. If it's specifically a psych hospital, chances are you won't be using a lot of classic medsurg equipment - but it's good to be proficient, because you may not always have a medsurg team around to answer medical questions, draw blood, or other "nonpsych" duties.

Psych nurses notoriously tend to forget their med-surg skills. You still need some of them. You will not need ICU skills, I don't think, unless you recover overdoses, but you do know how to change bandages, assess heart, lungs, edema, S1 S2, are lungs clear or do you hdear wheezes, ronch, crackles, diminished breath sounds, can you recognize abnormalities that necessitate a call to the doctor now or a visit to the clinic the next clinic day?

Can you care for a casted extremity, do a neurovasc check? Do you give nasal O2 to a trach patient? Can you care for incontinent clients whose lack of cooperatrion with care produces a pressure sore? These and niumerous other med-surg conditions are seen in Psych patients. The females can be pregnant or have pseudocyesis.

STD, drug and ethanol withdrawal, eating disorders, are all seen in psych. And there is lots of criminal activity in the average psych population, especially if you work for a correctional insitututional or a mental health facility for the criminally insane.

It's very challenging and interesting. Just remember the Rule Number One: Be Safe.