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  1. knpigway

    Pearsonvue "Trick". Is this TRUE? Does it Work Every Time?

    PVT does work...Took NCLEX 1/29, had 110-115 questions, came home got the "good pop-up" I would check it all the time....It was then longest 48hrs ever!!! I PASSED found out 1/31!!!!!!!
  2. knpigway

    Online Nclex Reivew

    Kaplan online worked for me....I had 110-115 question on my NCLEX and I PASSED. I had many of the same questions that was on the Kaplan Review. GOOD LUCK!!
  3. knpigway

    Taking NCLEX RN Friday 1/29/10....HELP HELP!!!!

    I found out Sunday I PASSED thanks for all the advice!!!! It was the longest 48hrs ever!!!:hpygrp:
  4. knpigway

    Just finished the NCLEX.....PVT

    I passed...PVT DOES WORK!!!!!
  5. knpigway

    How Much Does a STUDENT NURSE TECH Make???

    I work at Lexington Medical Center as a SNT base rate 9.27 with shift diffs. Lexington only hires new grad nurses that already work for them...so im lucky I have a job awaiting!!!
  6. knpigway

    I don't wanna take the nclex

    When is your exam day? Dont push urself studying all day everyday. Take breaks between studying u to relax. You have to be calm and relaxed when taking the test for the best results. I was more nervous after my computer went off then when i first sat down....good luck
  7. knpigway

    Just finished the NCLEX.....PVT

    I just took the NCLEX at @ 2pm and finished @ 4pm. I had between 110-115 question I dont even remember....how soon after the test can you check the PVT....I did it and got the good pop up but I dont know of it was too early...im going crazy!!!!
  8. knpigway

    Online Nclex Reivew

    I did the Kaplan on line course because I dont do well with review courses...i have a very short attention span...i can tune something out so quick! with kaplan on line I could rewind or skip around....the qbank has lots of question...I take the NCLEX of Friday so i will let u know if it was worth it!!!
  9. knpigway

    Taking NCLEX RN Friday 1/29/10....HELP HELP!!!!

    thanks Depress Nurse...I am staying positive!!! I was asking about the hat bc I tend to play in my hair when i get stressed and wanted to prevent that....I am keeping the faith...take out time before studying to say a pray!!!
  10. Hello everyone, I am taking the NCLEX this Friday and I am starting to feel a little pressure! .....I have being doing Kaplan on-line and a lilttle bit of Saunders. I have been writing notes and flash card to help review things that I might have missed, I am going to review those things on Thursday....no Kaplan! My job is suppose to start 2/9/10 therefore the PRESSURE is really on.....I have the faith that I will do well but idk my kaplan scores are: Diagnostic-45% QT1-48% QT2-55% QT3-50% QT4-53% QT5-57% QT6-56% QT7-55% Readiness-57% Overall Qbank-53% with 64% done What are yall opinions of those scores? Also, can u wear hats to the testing center? can you take like candy or gum in if it is in your pocket? Any advice would help, any relaxation idea that I can do on Thurday or Friday AM? thanks!!!