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  1. britnicole

    Anyone Teach Clinicals w/ < 3 years experience?***

    i do not teach but one of my clinical instructors had about 2 years of experience and i learned so much from her. i think if you have your basic skill down and the patience to teach you will do great.
  2. britnicole

    FSCJ and UNF Nursing program

    I am in term two at FSCJ to get into the program they only consider grades and the NAT test so besides grades try to do your best on the NAT test. Unlike UNF there is no interview and I think if you have worked as an EMT or a MA trained by FSCJ then you get an extra point for every year of experience but volunteering will not help you get into the program. I hope this helps
  3. britnicole

    FSCJ Fall 2010 ACCEPTED

    I am also in section 12 I am in the mandarin area
  4. britnicole

    FCCJ/FSCJ Fall 2010 Hopefuls

    Oh wow missed it my less then a point. oh well just my luck.
  5. britnicole

    FCCJ/FSCJ Fall 2010 Hopefuls

    congratulations hf2010
  6. britnicole

    FCCJ/FSCJ Fall 2010 Hopefuls

    i have 200 points and i also have been freaking about not hearing yet. i am just trying to keep hope that there is still a chance that we could be accepted into the nursing program for the fall. i have been worried because i have a new phone number since we turned in our applications.
  7. britnicole

    TEAS... Kaplan & McGraw study guides

    I would suggest that you either get the ATI book or do the ATI online test because the test is totally different from Kaplan or McGraw. The science is all over the place. The test is for the most part easy just study science.
  8. britnicole

    FCCJ/FSCJ Fall 2010 Hopefuls

    Hello I was wondering what is the schedule like for daytime at north campus because I live far I was wonder how many day a week do you have to attend north campus the first semster. Just a guess is ok because I am unsure because I live closer to dw but do not want to be at school at night.
  9. britnicole

    chamberlain school of nursing jacksonville,fl

    Thanks I could not find out much either.
  10. Is anyone going to or graduated from chamberlain school of nursing in jacksonville fl. I was wondering what type of gpa do you need to get in, how competitive is admissions, and how it the school overall.
  11. britnicole

    univerity of north florida gpa,teas score needed

    Well good luck and I hope you get in. I will be apply for the fall 2010. I just took the teas friday and got an 80% I was hoping to do better but did not do well at all on science. I know it is very competative and with my score and gpa I will propably look in to FSCJ program as well. Please let me know when you hear from UNF:>
  12. I am going to apply for the fall but was wondering did anyone know what gpa and teas score is need I have 3.26 overall and 3.44 preq gpa. Has anyone been accepted to unf or knows someone who has and had any advise for me.

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