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  1. divine87

    Failed PN-NCLEX 3 times

    Hello, I want to hear feedback from anyone who has taken NCLEX several times and had difficulties. I will also like feedback from those who passed on the first try. I am taking NCLEX-PN for the 4th time in a few weeks and I'm praying that this time is the charm. What I'm using to study this time around is Hurst Review, NCLEX mastery app, and I often answer a few questions from other websites. This has really been a hard thing for me mainly because I went into taking the exam on the first try thinking Ok I passed nursing school I should be able to get through this test with no problem! WRONG!!!! I learned that I needed more help in content, medications and other areas. I feel this time around I'm more prepared but still I'm afraid that I will get in the exam and let my anxiety get the best of me like it has with testing before. What I want to know is how have you all handled stress when testing, getting restless during the exam, or even prepared? Thanks!
  2. divine87

    Hindscc LPN Program

    I graduated from the night and weekend LPN program at Hinds. I will be glad to answer any questions that you may have
  3. divine87

    Payment Declined PVT 2015 nclex-rn

    lab0117 did you ever get your results?
  4. divine87

    Anxiety of nursing

    @ms12 my instructor decides which area we have clinical it's not up to the students at all, I attend the Allied Health Campus and we went to River Oaks, Brandon Courts nursing home, CMMC, and for our last clinical rotation coming up this fall we will go out to State Hospital and another facility that I'm not for sure of.
  5. divine87

    Moving from MS to Dallas

    Hello everyone, I will be graduating in Dec' 13 with my LPN(LVN) license and will soon be moving to the Lewisville/Dallas area, I don't want to work in a hospital setting as of now but in a nursing home facility. Any ideas of any good nursing homes that are hiring in the Dallas area and what the starting pay is?
  6. divine87

    Anxiety of nursing

    Thanks so much for the reply, my nerves have calmed down alot now that we ar through with this semester. I now have 2 more semesters so I hope to gain more knowledge and become more comfortable in what I do.
  7. divine87

    Anxiety of nursing

    Hi everyone!!!! I am in my third semester of nursing at Hinds Allied Health Center for LPN. All I can say is wow!!! I often feel that sometimes nursing is for me and I want to quit the program but I do absolutely love caring for ppl. During clinical rotations I often find myself sometimes overwhelmed with passing out meds, doing paperwork, explaining the adverse/therapeutic effects of the drugs and the list goes on and on. What I want to know from my fellow nurses how did you cope with the many stresses and anxiety of nursing school, specifically during clinical. Lecture is fine I only have a hard time adjusting to clinical and as I know when I pass boards and start to work I need to be proficient in the many skills that I've learned. Someone please help me!!!!! Lol
  8. divine87

    Holmes RN program

    Is anyone currently in the Rn program at Holmes? I am applying this semester and wanted to know what we be some good scores to have when applying for the program?
  9. divine87

    Wanting to go into Holmes ADN program at Ridgeland

    I am also trying to apply for the ADN program. I was in the Lpn program on the Goodman campus and failed fundamentals by 2 points so Im reapplying for LPN and im applying for ADN. The program is so competitive that I am taking some classes this spring so that I may be accepted.
  10. divine87

    Hinds night/weekend program

    No nursemidestiny Im talking about the Lpn program that started this summer in June.
  11. divine87

    Hinds night/weekend program

    Is anyone attending or enrolled in the night/weekend program at Hinds? I know this program just started June of this year and I was wondering are new students accepted in every June or how does that work? Please reply if you have any info that would be helpful..
  12. divine87

    Acceptence Letter from HindsCC

    Has anyone attended the night and weekend program? I was accepted to the Rankin campus for the fall semester but I wanted to switch since I have a job and really need to work throughout school..
  13. divine87

    Mississippi nurses roll call!!! (be known)

    I am attending Holmes CC LPN in Goodman, this is my first semester and hopefully I will graduate next year. I am 22 years old and I have a 19 month old and this by far has been the hardest but I know it will be worth it in the end!
  14. divine87

    Help with Compass for Holmes LPN

    No I will send u a pm because I don't think we can post names..
  15. divine87

    Help with Compass for Holmes LPN

    This morning around 9 and u shouldn't worry because if u missed the call we're still receiving letters tomorrow..
  16. divine87

    Help with Compass for Holmes LPN

    Did you apply for the ACT scholarship already?