Failed PN-NCLEX 3 times


Hello, I want to hear feedback from anyone who has taken NCLEX several times and had difficulties. I will also like feedback from those who passed on the first try. I am taking NCLEX-PN for the 4th time in a few weeks and I'm praying that this time is the charm. What I'm using to study this time around is Hurst Review, NCLEX mastery app, and I often answer a few questions from other websites. This has really been a hard thing for me mainly because I went into taking the exam on the first try thinking Ok I passed nursing school I should be able to get through this test with no problem! WRONG!!!! I learned that I needed more help in content, medications and other areas. I feel this time around I'm more prepared but still I'm afraid that I will get in the exam and let my anxiety get the best of me like it has with testing before. What I want to know is how have you all handled stress when testing, getting restless during the exam, or even prepared? Thanks!


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Throughout my nursing school career I went from have the highest grades to having practically the worse. All due to anxiety. I failed test because I was so worried about the craziest things that I had no control over. I would get in there and sweat, fidget, and speed through the questions all because of anxiety. With that being said before the NCLEX I took a review and was surprised at how much I knew. I started to take as many practice test as I could and while my score weren't always the best it helped me get in the right mindset for NCLEX. I had to get my nerves in check. When I did that I passed the first try. I was still very sick to stomach going in, but I had to trick myself into thinking this is just like what you practiced, slow down and read the full question, deep breaths... Also I tried not to stay on any question too long. Even though I was 90% sure I failed I passed. You know the material or you would not have passed.