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  1. murse92017

    Going to JcJc next fall,need LPN advice

    Their are no Pre-Reqs for the LPN program. You just have to pass the Entrance Exam. Having a high GPA in some college courses helps in the application process.
  2. murse92017

    B.S. in Communication Sciences to LPN?

    It depends on what you want to do as a nurse. In order to specialize in anything specific you'll need to be an RN. As a LVN/LPN you'll mostly be in LTC, SNF, clinics, and outpatient settings. While you may not have all the pre-reqs, you probably have the basics. Doing a acclerated program or an adn program will save more money/time in the long run. Already having a Bachelor's degree makes you competitive for entrance to a program, but won't bump up your pay as a LPN/LVN, because pay is based on Nursing experience. Figure out your endgame then choose. If your plan on being a advanced practice nurse, pursue your BSN. If you just want to be a nurse you have options ...
  3. murse92017

    Too soon to apply for jobs?

    I say apply now. I graduated and passed NCLEX within a months time and it took two months to get hired. Try to get as many interviews as possible and have a nice resume and cover letter. Nice references from your instructors also help. Dress nicely too if you are going out to personally hand out resumes, that helped me to get quite a few interviews so it goes a long way.
  4. murse92017

    Future LPN Student

    I worked. I couldn't afford not to. With that being said, it was very hard. My advice is to read whenever you have a chance. Read ahead once you get your syllabus, read the day/night before, read over what you went over in class. That will be your saving grace. Even though i was tired, knowing a little bit about the material kept me from falling asleep in class, because I was listening to see if I understood correctly. Reading also helped with test, sometimes you'd get all this supplementary info and would only habe questions based out the book. Toward the end I ended up being laid off due to my store's managerial restructure, which helped with the 40hr clinical at the end of the program and was a motivating factor behind finishing in the top 5 and passing NCLEX the first time.
  5. murse92017

    Antonelli College LPN program.

    JCJC is Jones County Junior College in Ellisville its between 15 to 30 minutes north of Hattiesburg. It has a Practical Nursing Program and a Associates Degree program for Nursing. I know there's a entrance exam for the PN program. For the ADN you have to your pre-requistes and a minimum score on ACT. PRCC is Pearl River Community College, which has a Hattiesburg Campus that offers the PN Program. There's a entrance exam for their program too.
  6. murse92017

    Antonelli College LPN program.

    If you've taken any college courses it will be easy. I had been in any school setting for 12 years and made a 75. Its basically a reading comprehension test. I had basic math and a few science questions based on the passage given for you to read. If you can get in at JCJC or PRCC it will be a lot cheaper because you can get additional funding for state backed institutions (like WIA). With that being said, I loved my education from Antonelli. It is a private school in that it is not state funded, but the education in the nursing program is awesome. The Instructors are amazing and the Nursing program credits do transfer. I am current in a bridge program now. The PN program has a great rep. I had a job waiting on me when I graduated upon pass NCLEX. The program is challenging but I felt more than prepared for NCLEX.
  7. murse92017

    2017 Nurse Salary

    Location: South MS Experience: New Grad LPN (IV Cert) Specialty: LTC Facility: 250 Bed Facility Pay: $17 base, $2-7 diff for evening/nights Cost of Living pretty cheap ( Rent for 3b/2bath $ 800)
  8. murse92017


    I'd also like to know how that process in working out. How fast are you completing the courses? It hard?
  9. murse92017

    LPN To BSN Help Needed!

    I'm not sure were in Mississippi you are, but William Carey has a Pre-Licensure Program that will allow you to get your BSN in 18 months (thats with have your Pre-reqs done). They have two campuses that offer it: Hattiesuburg and Gulfport
  10. murse92017

    LPN to RN

    If you are moving to the Hattiesburg-Laurel or Gulf Coast area William Carey has a 18 month Pre-Licensure Program. You will have you BSN in a year and a half.
  11. murse92017

    Failed PN-NCLEX 3 times

    Throughout my nursing school career I went from have the highest grades to having practically the worse. All due to anxiety. I failed test because I was so worried about the craziest things that I had no control over. I would get in there and sweat, fidget, and speed through the questions all because of anxiety. With that being said before the NCLEX I took a review and was surprised at how much I knew. I started to take as many practice test as I could and while my score weren't always the best it helped me get in the right mindset for NCLEX. I had to get my nerves in check. When I did that I passed the first try. I was still very sick to stomach going in, but I had to trick myself into thinking this is just like what you practiced, slow down and read the full question, deep breaths... Also I tried not to stay on any question too long. Even though I was 90% sure I failed I passed. You know the material or you would not have passed.
  12. murse92017

    Tips For LPNs Going For Their RN Degree

    Okay, so I'm a recent PN grad who's passed NCLEX and starting my first job. I would love to be able to get my RN, quickly, preferably online. HOWEVER, I'm afraid of the sigma of obtaining my RN online and not getting hired. I'd like to go back ASAP, But I would love feedback. Feedback from PNs who've obtained their RN this way and who are employed in the Hattiesburg or Laurel area
  13. murse92017

    Moving to mississippi/Lpn pay rates

    Np? 80k and up in the Hattiesburg area. Depends where you're working and specialty

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