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Anxiety of nursing


Hi everyone!!!! I am in my third semester of nursing at Hinds Allied Health Center for LPN. All I can say is wow!!! I often feel that sometimes nursing is for me and I want to quit the program but I do absolutely love caring for ppl. During clinical rotations I often find myself sometimes overwhelmed with passing out meds, doing paperwork, explaining the adverse/therapeutic effects of the drugs and the list goes on and on. What I want to know from my fellow nurses how did you cope with the many stresses and anxiety of nursing school, specifically during clinical. Lecture is fine I only have a hard time adjusting to clinical and as I know when I pass boards and start to work I need to be proficient in the many skills that I've learned. Someone please help me!!!!! Lol


Specializes in Neurosurgery/neurology. Has 9 years experience.

Hi I went Hinds Allied and got my LPN there. Congrats on almost being done. In clinical I always had one person I lean on to help my nerves and keep me calm. You are actually taking care of someone's family member just think how would you want the nurse to be in your family members room. Keep a calm head watch your meds safety is always a priority

Thanks so much for the reply, my nerves have calmed down alot now that we ar through with this semester. I now have 2 more semesters so I hope to gain more knowledge and become more comfortable in what I do.

Hi! Can you please tell me about the clinicals at Hinds? I am starting this fall in the ADN program at the Jackson campus. I was wondering if you picked where you went or were assigned. What areas did you do you clinicals? Rankin or Hinds county? Any information would be greatly appreciated!!!!

@ms12 my instructor decides which area we have clinical it's not up to the students at all, I attend the Allied Health Campus and we went to River Oaks, Brandon Courts nursing home, CMMC, and for our last clinical rotation coming up this fall we will go out to State Hospital and another facility that I'm not for sure of.

I have a question about the health form. If a doctor clears you, will they try to weed you out if you are not perfect?