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  1. Anybody here took CNA exam at RED CROSS?

    thank you so much EV :) God bless!
  2. Anybody here took CNA exam at RED CROSS?

    Hi, thank you so much are you from MN too? God bless!
  3. Anybody here took CNA exam at RED CROSS?

    Hello there, I am going to take my CNA exam on Thursday (RED CROSS) I need some advice because I am getting nervous. Anyone in here took exam at Red Cross? I want to know if they are strict (evaluators) compare to the other testing facility. I'm from...
  4. Anybody from MN took the Nursing Assistant exam?

    Hi Shaylamn, Thank you so much :) I really appreciate it. My exam would be on Febuary and I am nervous. May I ask how many skills did they ask you to do? and I have a Nursing Assistant/Home Health Aide Skill Sheets here but I wonder why it didn't say...
  5. Hello I'm new here, I just want to know if anybody from MN here took this CNA exam? I need some advice and ideas on: -what to do? -what not to do? -what to remember? -what to wear on the test site? -Do I need to wash hands in every skills -Do I need ...
  6. Hi I'm new here

    Hello Angel, Thank you so much for the info. I was thinking about Invergrove Hills too but too bad I am far from Inver, so my second choice is Normandale. In Normandale they are very strict . Angel, hope you don't mind me asking, are you RN now? is...
  7. Hi I'm new here

    Thank you so much supersara i filled up application for Nursing Assistant Course here at Dakota County Technical College, I am looking forward to get my CNA and then get in ASD program God bless Nancy
  8. Hi I'm new here

    Hello thanks for the replies I really appreciate it , I am from Minnesota and I checked two colleges here and they both required CNA certification. I am kinda scared with the board exams but I have to do it after taking Nursing Assistant Course. Do ...
  9. Hi I'm new here

    Hello everyone, My name is Nancy and I am planning to take Associate Degree in Nursing but schools here says you have to take a Nursing Assistant course and then take the board exam to become a CNA. I just want to ask some advice and some infos or wh...