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  1. heatheryk

    WGU RN-BSN Community Health Practicum

    WIC would be an easy place to get hours. Also check with your local Public Health, Child Welfare, Health Clinics, School Nurses....Just start calling. Most people are very willing to let students in. I had no problem getting hours for my practicum. Good Luck! You are almost done!
  2. heatheryk

    Job of the BSN nurse

    HI LG1137, I finished WGU in January. (I started 9/1/11) I had no problem getting my PHN from the state. Loved WGU. A word of advice...When you start classes, start by going to taskstream and looking at the tasks. Then copy and paste the task rubric into a word processing document. WGU doesn't mind if you use the rubric as headings in the paper you turn in. This way you make sure that you are answering all of the points asked for in the rubric. The only work that you have to turn in are the tasks. You do not have to do any of the assignments in the course if you don't want to. The online text books are searchable. I used this to finish the tasks with the least amount of time and energy.
  3. could you use information regarding the uterus shrinking, pp bleeding, risk for hemorrhage (why?), or how about the hormone changes after delivery and hormones that trigger breast milk production ??
  4. you have to be a student to log in. There are e-books available and databases with full articles. It was easy to find sources for the research papers I did in their RN-BSN program.
  5. heatheryk

    midwives and delivery

    if you have a home birth the midwife will be present. Hospital based midwives vary widely on how much time they spend with patients during labor. A doula will stay with you through the entire process as well. Having a doctor there all the time would not likely change outcomes. The L & D nurses are highly trained to spot problems and call the doctor when needed. Larger hospitals usually have a doctor on the floor at all times.
  6. heatheryk

    Febuary 1st WGU RN-BSN

    I started on 9/1/11, had 1 pre-rec and I only have 3 papers (tasks) left and I will be done! I work full time and have 4 children. I'm thinking about doing there MSN program. The tasks (assessments) are very concise. Just follow the directions in taskstream and you will do fine. It's very easy to follow and it's easy to move through quickly.
  7. heatheryk

    Job of the BSN nurse

    and WGU is CCNE accredited and accepted by the BRN in California for the Public Health Nurse Advanced Practice Certificate.
  8. heatheryk

    Job of the BSN nurse

    Western Governors RN-BSN, http://www.wgu.edu I'm nearly done and I started September 1, 2011. I had all of my pre-reqs done already. It is competency based so you can move through the classes at your own rate. You pay for time, not units. It costs $3,600 for 6 months. I will finish easily in 6 months and I work full time and have 4 children.
  9. heatheryk

    Job of the BSN nurse

    Oh, and the RN-BSN program I am finishing only costs $3600. Not anywhere near $75,000
  10. heatheryk

    Job of the BSN nurse

    In California BSN nurses are required to do a 90 hour practicum in Public Health/ Community Health. It focuses on Public health areas such as communicable disease assessment, epidemiology, assessment of the health of the community as a whole and community intervention and education. I am an ADN and am just finishing an RN-BSN program. I have learned a lot about evidence based practice, research, leadership, and public health. I think that a BSN would be helpful to a bedside nurse and is essential to someone working in community/ public health.
  11. heatheryk

    MSN Nurses

    look at Western Governors. http://www.wgu.edu I'm in the RN-BSN currently and looking at the MSN. I have finished almost 26 units since Sept 1. I really like it and the school is very supportive and easy to deal with.
  12. heatheryk

    Job of the BSN nurse

    I think I already wrote a paper on this topic : ) A hint is that a BSN community health nurse would take a very different role than the LNV and FNP. There is a reason to have all of them on a team. A community health nurse would function in a much different role than a BSN in a hospital setting.
  13. heatheryk

    Good OB books to read.....

    A Guide to Effective Care in Pregnancy and Childbirth by Murray Enkin. I also like Varney's Midwifery.
  14. heatheryk

    Rupture of an unscarred uterus?

    Cytotec use was the first thing that came to my mind as well. Although any induction puts a woman at increased risk for rupture.
  15. heatheryk

    Asking a patient if they're mentally retarded?

    Have you ever been told by a doctor that you have a physical or mental disability?
  16. heatheryk

    Obvious violation of hippa

    Are you sure that it is something from her work and not something from the internet?? It would still be tacky...