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  1. Hello!
    Sorry to email you out of the blue, but I saw how you have been helping a lot of people with their proficiencies for the VA on the allnurses message boards. First, let me say how awesome it is for you to reach out and offer to help perfect strangers that are fellow nurses understand a difficult yet extremely important process! With that being said, I am one of those nurses that could use some assistance. This is foreign to me and I know it will have a long term impact on my future salary and pathway with the VA. I am an RN with my MSN and a post graduate certificate in nursing administration. I’ve been a RN for 14+ years and an MSN for 10+ years. I’ve been everything from an administrator, staff nurse, quality management, case manager, education nurse, and icu nurse. I am working on my on-boarding an was given the task of writing the proficiencies for the board, which was daunting in the beginning before I read all the challenges associated with it. If there is any advice or examples you can give me as someone that has successfully written your proficiencies for the board I’d really appreciate it. I just got the info today and have a very short turn around time of 9/10/19. Thank you so much for your time!!!

    My email is: brinadavila@gmail.com

    Thank you again!!!
    Sabrina Davila


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