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I have worked in Long-Tern Care for seven years. I enjoy the being an advocate for my patients and family. Fullfilling the needs of my patients whether it is strenghthening and patient teaching to get back home after illness/surgery or providing comfort care for those at end of life and being there for their families as well. Outside of work I enjoy spending my time with my 18 month old son playing with animals, tractors, and reading to him as well as cheering my husband on racing in the summer. I enjoy painting, a glass of wine, refurnishing furniture for "therapy" ;)

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  1. Doing some work here and I am having a hard time finding why it is so difficult to manage sever mental illness with medications.
  2. littleone49

    How did you prepare for your exams?

    I have 2 instructors this semester and it is my second semester for LPN. The one instructor gives good lecture but its so hard to follow her notes because they are just kind of listed. My other instructors notes are exactly her power point. I really like that, then i can add notes to the side with other things she adds with her lectures. It really helps if you get a workbook with your books and if your instructor gives you scenario worksheets. Some students have brought recorders to class so that they can listen to the lecture at home and they have caught things they didnt hear in class.
  3. littleone49

    PDA's for Student Nurses??? Helpful or Not???

    I hated the PDA that was required last year for our school it was slow and so many students had problems with theirs freezing up or not even turning on. This year they upgraded and now we use nursing central, i downloaded it on my ipod touch and love it.
  4. littleone49

    So, what color are your school uniforms?

    At Iowa Lakes Community College we wear blue scrub top with a white shirt underneath along with white pants and white shoes.
  5. I took my course when I was a Jr. in HS, which was 4 yrs ago. It was a 75 hr course with 4 days of 6hr clinical. I don't feel we had much hands on experience, we only had one resident to take care of.
  6. littleone49

    Feeling unprepared

    Totally normail :) when I took my CNA course we only had one resident and had 4 clinical days. That will not prepare you at all, especially when they give you one assist residents. When I got hired I had 10 orientation days. The first couple dadys they just had me follow another CNA who did everything but talked through everything they did. The other days the CNA watched what I did. I still felt really slow when I was finally on my own but gradually I got a routine down. Now I love training new CNA's. Good luck to you :)
  7. littleone49

    medical terminology, reading, spelling.......

    I'm with you on this one. I have the worst time trying to pronounce numerous names of medications. I don't believe it has anything to do with you being a bad nurse in the future. If it's new information and new words it will most likely be hard to pronounce, especially meds. :)
  8. littleone49

    Orientation exactly a week from today!

    I start my second semester LPN Jan. 14. So ready to get back at it :) good luck to everyone :)
  9. littleone49

    What's Your Best Nursing Ghost Story?

    I work as a CNA and it was time for 10PM night rounds at the nursing home we work at. Anyway it's said that there is a ghost of a resident that died quite a few years ago and she looks like a resident we had at the time this happened. A call light came on from a resident that it totally independent and very with it. She was complaining and getting very upset that "suzie" was trying to get into her bed. The aide that went to answer her call light insisted that no one was in the room and no other residents in the hall way. But to asure her more she went to "suzie's" room to check on her and she was sound asleep with her alarms pluged-in.
  10. littleone49

    Thoughts on ATI: Assessment Technologies Institute

    I'm from Iowa and we do ATI. I like the books we got for another resource, but I hate having to be online so many hours a week and take certain tests when I really should be studying for the chapters where doing in class. I don't think it really reflects how we really do. Many students in my class did horrible on ATI but do very well in class and seem have a lot of common sense. I think it takes to much time from what we should be studying and the tests we take for ATI have nothing to do with what were learning in class or is on stuff we have never even talked about. I do believe the books are helpful though just wish we could use it more as another study guide then being actually tested and having to stress more tests.
  11. littleone49

    Sexually abusive doctor

    That's exactly what I was thinking.
  12. littleone49

    Graduating Class of 2010, come 1 come all...........

    May 2010 :) :) :)
  13. Im pretty sure i got a B when i took anatomy in high school. For the School i am taking my nursing classes you need a C
  14. littleone49

    Horrified to start nursing school in Jan

    I am a second semester student. I enjoyed the first semester. I don't have a lot to tell you for experience since I am just a second semester student, but many of the other students in my class where married and had families or were single parents. To me they seemed they really had their time organized and they did a very good job in class and clinical. To the post before mine. The grading is the same at my school. A is B and so on.
  15. littleone49

    Heyy :)

    Hello everyone. New to this, was just online trying to find sites to help me get my brain going before the next semester starts and saw this site and now became a member :) Im really liking this site already.