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  1. Latric3

    Lippincott's Review is honestly making me more nervous

    Thanks for the advice, it's funny bc I have exactly 2 weeks b4 my test. Maybe I should do different systems instead of 100 in one. That makes sense.
  2. I graduated feeling confident about the NCLEX PN. I passed my PN predictor with a 94% pass rate. But since I've started studying with this book I've been getting ALL of the SATA questions wrong and many others, even the ones on topics I feel like I know. I've been doing about 100 ?s, watching ATI videos and reading some highlighted sections in my books daily. But if the exam is as close to Lippincott's as people say it is, I'm screwed. PS. This site is not very mobile device friendly...
  3. Latric3

    Anyone Up For Random FACT THROWING??

    These are from ATI. 1. NEVER use heat on a patient w/ appendicitis bc it can cause a rupture, only use cold packs. 2. Frequent swallowing after a tonsillectomoy is always an EMERGENCY bc it is a sign of bleeding. 3. Speech therapy is more important than PT and OT after a cerebrovascular Accident. 4. Pallor= infiltration of IV. 5. If a Trach becomes dislodged 1. secure airway 2. insert obutrader 3. insert trach tube 4. remove obutrator 6. No vaccines for a patient with Bronchitis 7. Brown pigmentation around ankles indicates Peripheral Vascular Disease 8. No fiber, sedatives or opioids with Cirrhosis. 9. Do not use accoridion style gates with toddlers. 10. Hepatitis B vaccine is given at birth.
  4. Latric3

    Georgia residents NCLEX-PN

    How many times can you retake the NCLEX-PN in Georgia? I keep "hearing" that it's only two. I checked the Georgia State Board of Nursing website already and it doesnt specify it just says you can retake the test 45 days after the first attemp and that you basically have to pass within 5 years of graduating. That statement leads me to believe its unlimited up to five years but that doesn't sound realistic without some sort of remedial course or retaking the program all together. I would VERY MUCH appreciate answers from someone who has taken the test in Georgia and knows for a fact. P.S. I take my test on Nov, 15th I'm studying my ATI DVDs/online test, Lipincott's, and school books. I graduated from Augusta Technical College...
  5. Sorry it took so long, I hope you still get on here.lol. I'm currently re-taking math and english at the Waynesboro campus. I had a B in both. I should get at least a 90 in english, but math is not looking so hot. I got A's in the anatomy classes, computer and psych. My GPA as of now is a 3.5 hopefully it will at least be a 3.8 before applying.
  6. How did you do? I applied there about 5 months ago but I didn't get accepted b/c I didn't score high enough on the PSB
  7. What were your grades to get into the program? If you don't mind telling me...
  8. What were your grades? I was recommended that I have ALL A's. I have 2 B's out of 8 classes one in math and one in an English class higher than the one I need. The only reason I got a B in math is b/c we weren't allowed to use calculators at all. To take the math class it would be $265 out of pocket plus the book. Is it neccessary? Gosh I loathe competition I just want to be a nurse already! I mean math is my worst subject what if I take it and get a C?
  9. Latric3

    I missed my registration/ orientation date

    It's squared away. I have a new date. The only bad thing now is that I've already taken 7 of the required classes for the health care assitant program. And I only need the specializatio classes but those start all the way in the summer. I'm so tired of the waiting game.
  10. Latric3

    I missed my registration/ orientation date

  11. I'm so scared it's now saturday and I just now recieved the letter with my registration date on it stating it was YESTERDAY. I checked my email and saw a message from about a week ago with the date and time, but I was told I would recieve all the information by mail not email. I've left a voicemail and sent a email about my situation hopefully there's another way other than waiting until the spring quarter. The letter even says failure to attend will remove you from the acceptance list this is terrible. It ruined my whole day:crying2:. PS. The school is Augusta Technical College's health care to LPN track. Is there anyone else that's been in or is in a similar situation???