Lippincott's Review is honestly making me more nervous


I graduated feeling confident about the NCLEX PN. I passed my PN predictor with a 94% pass rate. But since I've started studying with this book I've been getting ALL of the SATA questions wrong and many others, even the ones on topics I feel like I know. I've been doing about 100 ?s, watching ATI videos and reading some highlighted sections in my books daily. But if the exam is as close to Lippincott's as people say it is, I'm screwed. :crying2:

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I like lippincott a lot the purple one i am glad that i read lippincott 2weeks before my test cause give me confidence on this test.important too is know your content your basic before answering q&a and understand rationale.what i do to have effective answering is i do 20 on one system and 20 on the other so i wont get tired of studying and it works.and practice your self the your going to be a nurse.and pray and pray to st joseph of cupertino.dont give up read a lil before you go to testing center just to refresh your Diabetes.


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Thanks for the advice, it's funny bc I have exactly 2 weeks b4 my test. Maybe I should do different systems instead of 100 in one. That makes sense.


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I didn't use Lippincott. I used Saunders, Exam Cram, NCSBN 3wk course, Kaplan strategies, NCLEX4000, & a book from an NCLEX review we had in our final month of school from a private group of nurses. We also did ATI through school. I agree with you, you should, this close to your test time, expand & do questions from all the testing areas instead of just 1 at a time. The exam is very widely based in content, but application is where mine was focused. I was terrible at sata all through school & through my studying for this test. I ended up getting, approximately, 30 sata on my exam! My 1st 4 questions were sata! I just turned them into true/false statementslike I had read to do. I wish you the best of luck:)