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im a BSN graduate in Philippines

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    Hello guys,after cgfns approved my paperworks what is the next step i need to do.It says that they already mailed my report.Thank you!
  2. please pray for me

  3. LPN IN VA

    Hello ladies and gents! Any lpn in the area? Maybe winchester area?
  4. Graduated 2008 are we affected by CA concurrency???

    Someone just told me that her friend who graduated last 2008,just got approved.Thats why i asked.Thank you
  5. Just wanna ask if foreign graduated last 2008 is affected by concurrency issue.
  6. CA-LVN Application Timeline

  7. CA-LVN Application Timeline

    I read somewhere that the head of bvnpt freeze All filipino applicants and concentrate with local applicants. Before this all happened back in 2011,they respond very fast. And also just renewed my license last december18,2013 and just Got my new lice...
  8. Denied by CABON now to take LVN..

    Then you should callBVNPT
  9. Denied by CABON now to take LVN..

  10. Nclex results

    Congrats!!! You passed :)
  11. Help-Need Nclex-PN Q/A Resources

    Same here but year 2008. Message me if you want
  12. Help-Need Nclex-PN Q/A Resources

    Are you international grad?
  13. Help-Need Nclex-PN Q/A Resources

    I think i did a Little bit of la charity but you might get confuse.Because in the test all they are going to ask is what will you as LPN.worth the try though.
  14. please pray for me

    Is the question for me? Yes i passed my test
  15. Help-Need Nclex-PN Q/A Resources