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I missed my registration/ orientation date

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I'm so scared it's now saturday and I just now recieved the letter with my registration date on it stating it was YESTERDAY. I checked my email and saw a message from about a week ago with the date and time, but I was told I would recieve all the information by mail not email. I've left a voicemail and sent a email about my situation hopefully there's another way other than waiting until the spring quarter. The letter even says failure to attend will remove you from the acceptance list this is terrible. It ruined my whole day:crying2:.

PS. The school is Augusta Technical College's health care to LPN track. Is there anyone else that's been in or is in a similar situation???

Well, if I were you I would go in person or call first thing Monday morning. All they can do is say too bad or they might let you continue. However, I would not tell them that the email sat in your inbox for a week. You won't know until you try. Good luck.


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when i was in my first semester of lpn school, there was a student that came in 2 weeks after the class started. they let him in because he said he never received a letter from the school.

so call them up or even better go to school personally and speak to the director of the program and explain the situation. and i agree with caliotter, exclude the info about the e-mail thing.

good luck!

It's squared away. I have a new date. The only bad thing now is that I've already taken 7 of the required classes for the health care assitant program. And I only need the specializatio classes but those start all the way in the summer. I'm so tired of the waiting game.