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  1. hanging blood with the wrong fluids

    last night was a crazy night on a busy med-surg floor. i work 2nd shift and hung a unit of blood half an hour before my shift ended. they called me today to inform me that i hung the blood with the pt's ordered fluids of d51/2nss. i realize that this...
  2. regional vs national accreditation

    I am currently looking into RN to BSN programs. American Sentinel University has a very appealing online program which awards an experienced nurse 30 credits for a nursing license and another 30 credits for >2 years of experience. This means I cou...
  3. for Geisinger Health System employees

    I was offered a job at Geisinger Health System and am not sure if I should accept or not. It would mean a bit of a move for me but that is a move I think I'd be willing to make if it's worth it. Anyone currently employed here and have any input on th...
  4. Hopkins new hire

    It seems pretty simple but as a new nurse, I wish someone would have reminded me that nurses are human... we all make mistakes. And knowing how to deal with mistakes is what will make you a better nurse. Despite what your fears tell you, it's possibl...
  5. Interview - how long before follow-up call?

    Ahh, I hate when they don't call after an interview as promised. I think it would be completely appropriate for you to call and followup at this point. Thursday has passed and you were told they would have a decision by then. Perhaps you'll be told t...
  6. I work full time as a GMF RN and often feel like I spend more time at work than at home. I've used vacation days, personal days, and holidays tactfully so that I get several weeks off this yr. I know I'm very blessed to have acquired so much time off...
  7. Am i the only crazy one who feels this way?

    I do like my unit but it is a high stress environment... we are frequently short staffed and I find myself taking work home with me every night. GMF stands for general med/surg floor.
  8. New Job Is Pushing My Buttons

    Sorry to hear that things are bothering you tonight. I know the feeling. Thankfully it does get better after a good night's sleep! :) As nurses, we are to provide whatever care necessary to make sure our patients are safe, well taken care of, and sat...
  9. What stands out in my mind is the fact that hospitals are a business and that they act just like every other business in the world. Staffing at the hospital floor I work at is not ok. Nurses are going home crying after their shifts due to the stress...
  10. is this what nursing is supposed to be like?

    What hospital/area were you hired at? I am looking to re-locate if it means safer staffing.
  11. is this what nursing is supposed to be like?

    Thanks for the feedback. It's encouraging to hear that it gets better with time! Was there less paperwork 26 or 30 years ago? I'm still fairly new, but it seems like a new flowsheet is added to our to-do-list every day. I hate that we are indirectly ...
  12. is this what nursing is supposed to be like?

    ...If you don't mind me asking, what area did you work in where you had such great patient/nurse ratios? Sounds heavenly to me : )
  13. Changing your shoes

    thanks for the advice.. i'll be trying this one :)
  14. Where are all the jobs????

    I have a close friend who is a Medical Assistant... from what I have seen, clinics and doctors offices have started hiring MA's instead of nurse's because they are cheaper.
  15. Where are all the jobs????

    i love what you say about having faith that God will see you through this time as well. :) if you're willing to re-locate, central PA has lots of jobs and recruiters are practically begging new grads to apply. wishing you the best...
  16. Still Unemployed for 5 months and still counting

    Not sure if you're willing to re-locate but I know first hand that central PA is begging new grads to apply. On the up side, PA isn't too far from NJ. I'd recommend that you get a few yrs of experience in, even if it means re-locating. After that, yo...
  17. Upon listening to report from the daylight nurse, I was told that the patient was a DNR and was ordered to be on a non-rebreather to keep sats >90%. The confused pt had been continually pulling at his mask and refused to leave it on. On nasal cann...
  18. New RN on busy med-surg/oncology floor

    I have been an RN on a medsurg floor for nearly 2 years and can honestly say, I know how you feel. I reassure you that it gets better and easier with time. Best advice I can give you is to stay calm and realize that you CAN do this. Even if you're fe...
  19. reamed out for using soft wrist restraints

    Well...after the big deal she made, turns out she left the restraints on the entire night (or at least charted that she left them on the entire night. At this point, I'm not entirely sure I can take what she charts for fact). Daylight nurse passed on...
  20. reamed out for using soft wrist restraints

    This patient was on a non-rebreather mask, not a bipap.
  21. reamed out for using soft wrist restraints

    the patient was not hospice... in fact, he just had a peg tube placed today and was pulling at that too.
  22. First time as a preceptor

    I have been an RN on a general med-surg floor for about a year now. I was asked to precept a newly graduated RN and am curious about our floor's preceptor program compared to others. The maximum number of patients for one RN on our floor is 6. I alwa...
  23. Help! New nurse jitters?

    this is absolutely normal. i experienced the same feelings you speak of. just realize that with time you WILL learn and grow as a nurse. also realize that we are all human and you will make mistakes. just learn from them, hold your head high, and mov...
  24. hanging blood with the wrong fluids

    thankfully there were no reactions whatsoever in this case either. i did, however, learning to triple check myself before turning the IV to "run".
  25. hanging blood with the wrong fluids

    i suppose all facilities and their supplies differ. we do have special blood tubing, which was used... it is not y-shaped but it does enable the blood to be piggy-backed into an existing line of nss. unfortunately, nss was not the existing line in th...