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  1. nic123

    Diagnostic Procedure

    Hi Ladies, I'm working on a few diagnostic procedure forms for example: 24 hour urine specimen collection. I'm having a hard time locating the information I need. There are a few others that I have to complete. Can someone help with resources? I've checked google and you tube, didn't come up with anything. Thanks in advance.
  2. nic123

    LPN Student

    When did you graduate? I'm currently in A&P 2. I'm in the second mod now. First mod went by fast. Which campus do you attend?
  3. nic123

    LPN Student

    I have that exact n-clex book. I will start to do questions from it. Thank you so much!
  4. nic123

    LPN Student

    Hi, I'm going on my seventh week in the LPN program at Lincoln Tech. It's very hard already in the first term. So I could only imagine what second mod is like. Can someone give me any tips or advice? I'm excited also nervous. Thanks in advance.
  5. nic123

    LPN/Surgical Technician

    Hello everyone! I am at the end of two programs ekg tech and phlebotomy. I was considering going back to school for LPN but those programs are being cut out from all the state schools in CT. My alternative is Surgical Technician. What do you think about the Surgical Technician program? Do they get paid the shift differentials as well as everyone else and do they wsork weekends? Please provide feedback! Thank you

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