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  1. lusa

    Nursing Anxiety

    Yes, things are very sad for new grads in Massachusetts and in many states. I am trying to stay positive and believe that one day I'll find work-life balance.
  2. lusa

    Nursing Anxiety

    Thanks for your reply, I don't like LTC too, I have been applying to all hospitals, commnunity centers, doctors office... things are very bad for new grads out there, specially in MA. I will try relaxing things on my days off. Thanks again!!
  3. lusa

    Nursing Anxiety

    Thank you for your reply, CFitzRN. I totally agree with you.
  4. lusa

    Nursing Anxiety

    I could have written your post and in addition I'm seriously thinking about leaving nursing, I am a new grad RN with 9 months of experience in LTC, nobody told me in school how stessfull nursing is. One night I was so anxious that I couldn't sleep at all, I spent the whole night thinking about the shift. At 5:30 am I got up and worked 12 hours, I don't know how I did that. My coworkers say I am a very good nurse. I don't know what happens, I can't control my anxiety. Good luck to you, hope things will get better!
  5. lusa

    Feeling so guilty about calling in.

    It happened to me couple months ago, I understand how you're feeling, don't be so hard on yourself, you couldn't help it. It's nice to know that there are nurses who care about others! Hope you get better soon!
  6. lusa

    Goodbye Mr. John

    Beautiful and inspiring story! Sorry for your loss!
  7. lusa

    When to call the doctor

    Hi NurseLoveJoy88, I am a new grad in LTC and I would love to know what the experienced nurses have to say, once in a while I find myself in similar situations.
  8. lusa

    Brazilian nurse in NY

    Hi, I am a brazilian educated nurse practing in the USA. I am replying just in case you're still looking for advice. What you need to do is to go to any Federal University of the state you're moving in, this is the first step. They will evaluate your transcripts, diploma... and say if you're eligible for a license or not. The organization that issue the license is called: Conselho Federal de Enfermagem, each state has their own Conselho Regional de Enfermagem. Good luck! If you need anything, please feel free to ask, I know what is to move to another country!!
  9. Hi, I have an interview this week in a Community Health Center in MA, I'm a new grad RN, have been working 8 months in a nursing home and I can't handle it anymore. How is a typical day for a RN in a Community Health Center? Why did you say avoid it? Is it worse than nursing home? I'm confused. Thank you!
  10. lusa

    New Grad RN in LTC Needs Advice Please!!

    For those new grads who posted here in March, are you still working in LTC? If so, do you feel less overwhelmed? I've been working in a SNF/rehab for 4 months and it doesn't get any better, I still have panic attacks before going to work most of the days . I'm starting to hate nursing because of LTC. I never thought it was going to be sooo hard. Thank you
  11. lusa

    LTC problem getting assistants to respect me

    Hi, I`m in the same boat, new grad, in my 20s, working in a NH. This is my second month on my own, I also feel that some CNAs don`t respect me although I have been nice, polite... I also feel sooooo overwhelmed that I can`t stop thinking about the job when I get home. I don`t have time to be the nurse that I thought I was going to be. Hope things will get better for us! Wish you the best!
  12. lusa

    Help What To Do NCLEX-RN EXAM is COMING!!!!

    Your scores are very good! My scores on Kaplan were very similar (almost the same) and I passed last Friday with 75 questions. Kaplan questions are very similar to the NCLEX. I believe that to be calm is as important as to know the content. Good luck to you!
  13. lusa

    kalan ..anyone?pls help...

    Kaplan works, I am international nurse, passed with 75q in my first attempt. I took the complete live course. Many questions on the test were very similar to kaplan questions. Just got the results today! I used Saunders and Kaplan. Good luck!