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  1. Nope. I'm graduating in May and I have no intention of deleting my facebook. I don't see the point. A lot of people I know who graduated just changed their facebook names after the fact. Most of them have just their first and middle name or first name and last initial.
  2. KattyRN

    Favorite Clinical rotation?

    My favorite so far was maternity and pediatrics was a close second. I always thought I wanted to do L&D so I was excited about maternity from the jump but I found out what I really love is postpartum. Maybe it's because I spent the most time over there practicing my mom/baby assessments but I really loved it. I especially love first time moms. They're so cute and eager to learn, it was really great. I also liked working in the NICU.
  3. KattyRN

    Struggling to get Assertive

    I don't really think there's anything wrong with looking at notes but I had one incident with a clinical instructor who made it seem like it was a bad thing. I was doing a postpartum mom/baby assessment and I stopped to write down some number for vitals and she told me not to. She said to just put the number in my head and keep going with the assessment. This really threw me off because I didn't see what the big deal was and it's practically impossible for me to remember all the numbers I need to remember accurately without writing them down. I guess that one incident had me a little iffy about taking notes but now I don't care.
  4. KattyRN

    Struggling to get Assertive

    I have the same problem. I'm still a student and a couple of my clinical instructors have told me that I need to be more assertive and let people know that I know what I'm doing. I'm naturally pretty quiet, reserved and some would say shy (even though I don't think I'm that shy) so sometimes it's hard for me to be assertive. I'm still working on it. I do the same thing with going blank sometimes when my instructors ask me something and having to look at my notes and getting tongue tied. I guess it just takes practice.
  5. KattyRN

    When you have students on the floor...

    You're not overreacting. I'm a nursing student and I would NEVER do something like that. We can't do anything without clearing it with our instructor and the RN we're working with, especially when it comes to med administration. Stuff like that can get you kicked out of the program.
  6. KattyRN

    Can a Nursing Student work as a CNA in New York City

    I'm not sure about New York but in PA if you're a nursing student with at least one semester of clinical experience they will allow you to take the CNA exam without having to take classes. All you would have to do is send in the proper paperwork to schedule your exam. I did the same thing and just took the written and skills test to get my CNA license. It could vary by state but I would imagine you can do the same thing.
  7. KattyRN

    Measuring blood pressure

    I'm a nursing student and I wasn't taught to do this but I have seen a nurse on my clinical unit take bp using the forearm. I was supposed to do it but I was having trouble finding a cuff to fit the patients arm and when I told the nurse she just did it on the patient's forearm. I assumed it was okay because she was the RN and I'm just a student even though I had never heard of that being done before.
  8. KattyRN

    Does anyone here like nursing school?

    I love clinicals and sim labs but the 3 hour lectures I could do without..Lol. Other than that I really like nursing school.
  9. KattyRN

    Having to repeat a course

    I haven't had to repeat med-surg but I am repeating patho/pharm 1 right now. It sucks because I only failed by one point and now I have to graduate a year behind because of one stupid class. After the initial frustration I'm just dealing with it. The best thing to do is figure out what went wrong the last time and be sure not to make the same mistakes again. I'm sure we'll both be fine.