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    Wound Cleanser info needed

    Band-aid antiseptic wash
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    last friday

    In honor of our last Friday of the school year....:yelclap::cheers::w00t:
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    Irritated!! (Vent)

    Happened to me yesterday. 3rd grade student comes in with a cough, no fever. She had a dose of Advil and went back to class. Teacher comes in a few minutes later (as I am cleaning up a bleeding student) with the nursing slip in hand and says "I don't mean to tell you how to do your job, but you need to call this students mother and tell her what is going on" I said I would be happy to call the mom when I had a free moment. 10 minutes later the student walks back in saying "my teacher says I need to go home and you need to call my mom". So I called mom, reported what happened over the last 15 minutes. Said that I thought the student was fine to return to class but her teacher has requested that I phone her. Of course the mom came right away to pick her up, but I was so mad at myself for caving in!!!
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    Kids these days!!

    LOL!! My first name is Marcy and I married into the last name Brady. I get lots of "Marcia, Marcia, Marcia" but of course from teachers and not the students :)
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    We have one mounted just outside of the nursing clinic and one mounted in the gym (it is in a separate building).
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    Woo Hoo

    17 for us
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    One teacher remembered yesterday and had her students write me letters (very cute from 1st graders). I went home last night feeling sorry for myself. Today the front office called me down and had flowers and donuts for me. They also sent an e-mail out this morning to the teachers saying it was school nurse day today. I have to admit the principal was very red in the face when I told him it was actually YESTERDAY! :)
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    Self-carrying inhalers

    We let middle schoolers carry their own inhalers with a physician and parent note.
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    What does your weekends look like??

    I have 2 boys at home so my weekends are packed between them and household stuff. This past weekend however, I actually had a girls weekend with some of my girlfriends that I've known since kindergarten!!!! Nothing but sipping wine and eating chocolate. It was much needed girl time :)
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    Discussing Hygiene with Middle Schoolers

    I do group teaching with the 5th and 6th graders. If a teacher informs me about a particular student, I talk to the vice-principal for permission to follow-up, then I start with e-mailing the parents to let them know that a teacher has made this observation.
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    Parents won't send inhaler to school

    Hi everyone, I have a first grade student with asthma. I asked his mother twice this year to send in his inhaler. His father had to pick up the child today because he was sick. I asked the father if the student was still using the inhaler and if they would please send one to school. The dad replied "we do not like giving him any medicine" and implied that they were not going to send in an inhaler. Do you have any waiver/form that you have a parent sign so that the school is not held liable? Any wording/phrasing would be helpful!! Thanks so much, Marcy
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    Christmas countdown !!

    11 for me. Then off to sunny Florida to go camping with my boys :)
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    I could SCREAM...

    It is so frustrating with those types of teachers. I ususally write on my nursing slip exactly what the student tells me. "My teacher said I look sick" or "My teacher said that I look hot" Make sure you keep track of how many students per day/week come to you from this class and compare it to other classes. You can then share it with administration if the situation doesn't get any better.
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    That Cough!!!

    I am allowed to give out cough drops if I have a waiver signed by the parent. If I don't have the waiver, I also hand out peppermints. I rarely will send the student home with just a cough.
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    Parents won't send inhaler to school

    Here is an update. The mom took him to the doctor's office this morning and he was prescribed 2 meds in ADDITION to his inhaler. Mom came to school and dropped off the inhaler. Funny how things work out.
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    Parents won't send inhaler to school

    This child was diagnosed last year (after repeated phone calls to the parents requesting that he be seen, it took around 3 months). They finally did send the inhaler to school last year. I know that he has had all of his immunizations, and we do not have a religious waiver on file for him.
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    2nd grade bathroom

    We have a second grade girl who has been masturbating in class and in the bathrooms. We (the vice principal and I) have had multiple meetings with this student, the student's parents, and even a grandparent. We have a therapist involved and have set boundaries for her. She knows that she is not allowed to masturbate at school. We have all told her that she may only do this in her bedroom. For the past 2 months she has only been allowed to use the restroom in the nursing clinic. We have given her toys/gadgets to use in the classroom to keep her hands busy which seems to be working. Well, she came in to use the bathroom today and did not lock the door. A teacher walked in on her laying on the floor masturbating. I walked the student straight to the vice principal's office and we called her mother. The mom said she would talk to her tonight. I am just about at my wits end. Has anyone out there dealt with this issue? Any suggestions?
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    2nd grade bathroom

    Sexual abuse was my first reaction also. We have ruled that out. This child is wide open about everything and told me exactly how she "discovered" that area of her body. She also gives me updates from her sessions with her therapist.
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    CPR training for teachers and staff

    We use the local fire dept. also and we have a few parents that are certified that have volunteered in the past.
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    Grand Central Station...

    Yesterday I had an all time high for # of students seen. No major incidents, just the small stuff. Hoping today is better (for you and me!)
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    AED Fundraising

    Hi all, I just received approval to do fundraising for AEDs and CPR supplies. YEAH!!! I am planning to do the bulk of the fundraising in February and work in the "heart theme". We are a private school where the kids wear uniforms, so one idea is to have the kids purchase a free dress day where they can wear red. Any other ideas?? Thanks in advance!:redbeathe
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    Vision/Hearing Screenings

    I work at a private school and we have our local university come to do the screenings. The professor from the school of education will come with a group of students and do the whole screening for us.
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    Callin ALL School Nurses !

    We go back mid-August. I am working today and tomorrow reviewing immunization records.....enough said!
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    thermometer feedback

    I have been using the termporal scanner for the past few months. I have found that it reads around 1/2 degree higher than my WelchAllyn oral thermometer and is fairly consistent. It has also been very useful with our Pre-K population who have a hard time putting a thermometer under their tongue.
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    Woo Hoo......6 more weeks !

    25 plus 3 half days :)