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We have a second grade girl who has been masturbating in class and in the bathrooms. We (the vice principal and I) have had multiple meetings with this student, the student's parents, and even a grandparent. We have a therapist involved and have set boundaries for her. She knows that she is not allowed to masturbate at school. We have all told her that she may only do this in her bedroom. For the past 2 months she has only been allowed to use the restroom in the nursing clinic. We have given her toys/gadgets to use in the classroom to keep her hands busy which seems to be working.

Well, she came in to use the bathroom today and did not lock the door. A teacher walked in on her laying on the floor masturbating. I walked the student straight to the vice principal's office and we called her mother. The mom said she would talk to her tonight. I am just about at my wits end. Has anyone out there dealt with this issue? Any suggestions?

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Has the therapist offered alternative "pressure relieving" strategies that can be utilized with the child? She needs to know that this behavior is not appropriate at school, but can she be offered an alternative behavior that IS appropriate? Maybe a deep breathing activity, rubbermaid tub of sand for relaxing tactile experience, etc.

I think the concept of her feeling pressure (like a cutter) and the need to release is the key to changing the behavior. Maybe the circumstances can be identified--is it always during math? testing?

good luck!

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This would send a red flag to me. Is there a possibility of sexual abuse?

Sexual abuse was my first reaction also. We have ruled that out. This child is wide open about everything and told me exactly how she "discovered" that area of her body. She also gives me updates from her sessions with her therapist.

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perhaps substituting another activity to "blow off steam" like maybe going for an escorted walk around building or campus or taking a run in the gym.

If she is very candid perhaps she can shed light on what drives this behavior - especially if she is aware that it is inappropriate in school.

I don't know- i'll brainstorm a bit more and get back to you...

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