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  1. jrw03282009

    Germ fatigue...

    I could never in my life wear the same scrubs more than once or wear my shoes in the house. My stuff is laundered seprately and I take a shower as soon as I get home. I do work LTC and between suctioning and pumping even my glasses look disgusting. I am a germaphobe so I tend to get a little anal about things. I go through a small bottle of GermX a night
  2. jrw03282009

    Physical restraint on uncooperative children

    When my son was getting his 1st blood draw, it took the doctor, his three nurses, myself AND my husband to hold him still enough for ANOTHER nurse to draw on him. He was 4. He gets blood draws every 6 months now and is just as scared as the first time. The only difference is... he has gone to the same Dr since birth (he is now 9), we now schedule at 5pm, and everyone is a pro when it comes to knowing how to hold him and not hurt him. It never gets mentally easier tho... I would like to know if the OP has ever had to hold a frightened child that is doing everything in his power to get away from the needle? ESP when they are trying to draw on said child, not just give a shot. I would rather have 5 adults hold a child safely than one big shot that ends up harming to prove a point.
  3. jrw03282009

    checking gtube placement

    So.... I just started my 1st position as an LVN in a LTC facility. In school we were taught to auscultate before feeding and flushing; this is the way that I do it at my facility (as well as all other nurses). If this is the improper way to do it, I dont see how xray would be a proper way to do it either, they would be glowing after the first week! I would truely, honestly like to know the answer (ideas) to this one... I worked too hard for my license to loose it over a gtube!
  4. jrw03282009


    the best so far tonight...
  5. jrw03282009

    iv infusion

    I agree with others... ya gotta learn it on your own!!! Momma won't be there holding your hand when it's time for the show down!
  6. jrw03282009

    Depressed and sick

    I just got a call and I start full time tomorrow morning! I just had to get something straightened out (simple misunderstanding) and now the pieces are all falling into place!
  7. jrw03282009

    Depressed and sick

    I said fri***in not the other word!!! I thought it was allowed
  8. jrw03282009

    Depressed and sick

    Hey everyone :) Well, I have been posting about my excitement of being newly graduated and having a job even before I graduated. Welllllll, I had done my interview, orientation, I am even on the payroll, but now it seems they are crawfishing. At first I had told them I wanted to be PRN and they seemed OK with it but during orientation, they had voiced some concerns about it. I left assuring them that yes, I want to be full time b/c the benifits are GREAT. They were excited! I was excited! Then they never called me again. The others that I had orientation with started yesterday. I called yesterday and they acted like they knew nothing about me working there (the DON). Now I am home, sick with a chest cold and depressed. I am going to have to ******* start over again and go to the places that I had already turned down b/c this position was offered to me and it was my 1st choice. Sorry, had to get it off my chest here b/c my dh is on his way home from a business trip and the dog can only offer so much advice.
  9. WOW...... I have NEVER heard of this! I would NOT have done it had I been asked and we did as you did in school. We practiced with DRY cloths on the maniquin. We got our practice out in the field when doing it for real. Maybe they have a new retro instructor that has crazy bright ideas. Nursing school is hard enough with the clics than to strip to your skivies when you are a tad bit over-sized, in front of them!!! No way...
  10. jrw03282009

    help! how to study for ATI

    The ATI books will prepare for the ATI test. The others books have different values for like labs and such. Are you taking RN ATI? If so IM me and I can give you practice codes.
  11. jrw03282009

    Japan needs nurses, STAT

    I wish we had those uniforms to graduate in!!! Some of my classmates would have fit right in
  12. jrw03282009

    Can they do that!?

    Hio all! Just a simple early morning question... I was hired by a facility before I graduated school and already had a day of orientation (being told there are many more to come). I have not heard from them in almost 2 weeks and they said that they were going to let me (us) have a breather week after graduation. The thing is, I called this week and said I know you wanted to let us relax but I am really itching to get started. The lady acted like she didnt know what I was talking about! "I need to talk to so and so about your coming on." HUH???? I thought I was already hired.... I already signed a book of papers... watched all the videos.... Does anyone have some to put in on this? I really like this place and the people; super excited! I cant let this fall through the cracks and I am scared... I already told several places thanks but no thanks b/c I had gotten hired by my first choice. So now what???!!!
  13. jrw03282009

    help! how to study for ATI

    GET THE BOOKS!!! Then once you do, read them. The MedSurg book makes a GREAT paperweight but seriously, it may look a little intimidating but once you get into it you may find it easier to comprehend than your school books. Take the practice quizes like they are going out of style. Read WHY it was right or WHY it was wrong:confused:. Take each quiz 50-60 times (I'm serious). I scored really high and people thought I was SO smart but I'm not. I just made myself sick of taking those practice quizes; I saw the answers when I was dreaming, showering, and eating. You will need disipline to do this but believe me, it helps. My classmates wanted me to give them the simple way out and when they realized that there wasnt any "simple way" they continued to fail. Dont be that person!!! Good luck and sleep later
  14. jrw03282009

    Through blood, sweat, and tears

    Thank you!!! Good luck to you too shannahan!
  15. jrw03282009

    Through blood, sweat, and tears

    It's over! I am graduating FRIDAY!!! I already have a job, even. It seems so unreal. When will it actually hit me? Thanks to all the support I have gotten from AllNurses. From being put in my place to awesome helpful advise. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!! :redbeathe:nurse::redbeathe:yeah: