Can they do that!?


Hio all! Just a simple early morning question...

I was hired by a facility before I graduated school and already had a day of orientation (being told there are many more to come). I have not heard from them in almost 2 weeks and they said that they were going to let me (us) have a breather week after graduation.

The thing is, I called this week and said I know you wanted to let us relax but I am really itching to get started. The lady acted like she didnt know what I was talking about! "I need to talk to so and so about your coming on."


I thought I was already hired.... I already signed a book of papers... watched all the videos....

Does anyone have some :twocents: to put in on this? I really like this place and the people; super excited! I cant let this fall through the cracks and I am scared... I already told several places thanks but no thanks b/c I had gotten hired by my first choice.

So now what???!!!


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have you talked to the manager of the floor you were hired on? maybe they'll know more.

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They can do basically anything they want that doesn't violate a written contract, state or federal law.


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I was hired by four different employers at different times. Not one of those employers followed through with providing me with employment. You can not count on anything from an employer until you have worked your first shift, and maybe even until you have received your first paycheck. Some employers issue paychecks that do not clear the bank.

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This happened to me not long ago. Was told I had a fulltime job, etc, the manager was ecstatic with my experience and references etc. Wanted me to start the next day. Well I had to call him back b4 noon the next day as I had to check on something important re my accommodation b4 taking the job. Next day left a message - no reply. Left another msg - no reply. Left a msg the next day - still no reply. Then I see this job advertised on a job website! Some managers are just psychotic, or maybe the employer changed their mind, IDK.

Don't worry about them if you can't get any straight answers. Call back the poeple who offered you other jobs ASAP and take them up on their offer. If this facility can't even be bothered giving you a straight answer, I wouldn't be going to work for them cos the job will probably suck, and you'll hate it.

Don't waste time worrying about it if you can get a job somewhere else; learn from it and move on girl!