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  1. suchas

    Pacific Care Center, any thoughts?

    heard good and bad.
  2. suchas

    Math Problem Help

    Hope this was a quiz problem and not part of an actual care plan. If it was, very scary
  3. suchas

    WHAT SHOULD I DO????????????

    The info is on their website.
  4. suchas

    WHAT SHOULD I DO????????????

    The DON has an AA degree and is employed there part-time! SCCC allowed a part-time, undergraduate write the textbooks for their health programs and hold the fate of each student's clinical site and academic future in her hands! I feel sooooooo stupid! No wonder a lot of schools don't let sccc's credits transfer!
  5. suchas

    sccc nursing program

    The woman in charge of the entire nursing program at sccc, from CNA-RN works there part-time and has an Associate's degree. The woman that wrote the textbooks for these courses doesn't have a four-year degree! Check for yourself. Go to the SCCC website and check the part-time faculty list/credentials.
  6. suchas

    SCCC trouble?

    I had a negative experience and was wondering if anyone had any advice
  7. suchas

    SCCC trouble?

    Has anyone had any trouble w/ the nursing programs at SCCC?
  8. suchas

    cna training in St Louis

    The instructors are excellent at SCCC. Just make sure you, the student advisor, and the dean for that department agree w/ your class and clinical schedule. Because if you request a change they will not hesitate to drop you from the course entirely w/o notice. Be careful and research all of your options.
  9. suchas

    WHAT SHOULD I DO????????????

    Do not go to St. Charles Community College. The school has a 40 % failure rate. The campus is beautiful on the outside, but the way it is run is ugly.