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  1. KayDubb

    Help with LPN boards

    Just study...I passed with 85 questions...What a great feeling! and from what I've heard, if you think you failed..you probably passed..lol Good luck!
  2. I'm a new LPN. I graduated 2010. Even though it was my life long dream...I feel as if I'm not cut out for it. I've tried a couple jobs since getting my license, and it's all the same. The nurse to patient ratio is just overwhelming. Each time I had over 30 patients to just myself...and this week I found out I was gonna be over approx 80 pts with only a 1 med tech to help with meds. I refused assignment a day ahead ofcourse...telling my supervisor I didnt feel this is safe nursing...I mean, what if something were to happen? I couldn't except such responsiblity...Does this mean I'm a failure? or just not seasoned? Is there anywhere a LPN can work without these terrifying ratios? I want whats best for my patients...and that is all. I never even got a lunch break..because of the never ending med pass. I could really use some encouragement...thanks for listening.
  3. KayDubb

    New Nurse, New Job...Insulin q's

    Thanks for responding...I havent had time to review the chart...but I did look over 17 days worth of blood sugar readings..they were all around 280 on average. This facilty does not use the sliding scale method..He receives Novolog 70/30 twice a day before meals and prandin po once a day. I know he has kidney issues as he has a suprapubic catheter...I will def read the chart..I wondered why myself why maybe more insulin wasnt ordered...but again Im new and learning..
  4. KayDubb

    New Nurse, New Job...Insulin q's

    Hi Im a brand new LPN and got a brand new job My question...I followed the seasoned LPN around for orientation...I noticed there is a patient that consistently runs blood sugar checks around 280 some higher some lower. I know he's in his 90's, Is DM2 and has suprapubic catheter..He's on 2 shots a day (they do not do sliding scale) and Prandin po. When I asked about his BS reading she said that was his normal...forgive me for my ignorance...but can this be a normal for some?
  5. KayDubb

    drawing blood

    the butterflies ive been using have the push button on it. there would be no way you could put it in bevel down because it would retract as soon as it hit the pt's arm. Sometimes they retract just from me opening the package. I do good on everything else as far as finding the vein, venipuncture, order of draw...I just have trouble with removing the turnoquet and needle. seems like the pt's always get jumpy at that point. I did figure out that I was tieing the turnoquet wrong with too much of the rubber sticking down making it hard to release. Thanks to all for the helpful hints.
  6. KayDubb

    drawing blood

    thanks so much for the advice...I cant believe they taught us about IV's in school but not phlebotomy. ugh. I picked it up pretty well though. I just hate not knowing the equipment. first rule of nursing school..Know your equipment! and everyone Ive asked, that does it everyday...doesnt know either...I will continue to educate myself via google..lol
  7. KayDubb

    drawing blood

    Ive been an LPN almost a year now. I recently switched jobs from a nursing home to a Dr's office. At my new job Im required to draw blood. I didnt even go over this in school...and in the nursing home they had a lab to come in and do it. Long story short...Im doing it...but I still dont feel I have the education I should have. If someone could pls explain some safety issues for me. Im terrified of getting stuck. We only use retractable butterfly needles. Are you supposed to retract the the needle after removing the tournequet and while its still in the arm? or do you pull it out and then do it? Pls anyone who can give me ANY safety hints, I would so appreciate it.
  8. thanks so much...this did help me a great deal. Ive heard all the horror stories and I guess I got scared. One of the workers called me and said i left the facility short...so I could get into trouble. I told her I got permission from the supervisor...but all she could say is dont count on that helping you. I felt hopeless...like what else could have been done. But even the hubby said "if they take licenses for nurses going home sick, then there sure isnt gonna be many nurses left...people get sick period." Maybe I do worry excessively...maybe nursings not for me....or maybe im still to sick to think clearly.... thanks everyone.
  9. Tonight was a bad night at work...I got some kind of stomach bug or something and had to constantly leave the med cart to go throw up. I contacted my supervisor for permission to go home...I was so afraid of making a med error....well she didnt want me to leave...but I told her no way was I able to stay. So finally she agreed and got someone to come over to help about a half hour later. They made me feel so guilty for being sick. I didnt want to have to leave...but there was no choice. Now being a new nurse I'm worried...did I do something so wrong that I could risk losing my license? I asked for permission to leave...on top of still being sick....I'm over taken with fear....are we not allowed to be sick??
  10. KayDubb

    Im a nurse and I take xanax....

    Thanks guys for the reply...The dr made it seem so aweful...and I must admit I felt ashamed...and wished i hadnt told him. But I am honest...and the saliva test they did will show it anyway....Im in my 40's and at that moment I felt like a teenager slipping in after midnight caught by my mom lol
  11. KayDubb

    Im a nurse and I take xanax....

    I went for a pre-employment physical today. When the Dr. asked if I was on any meds I said yes I take 0.5 xanax once a day for gastritis and 5 mg of ambien for sleep. You would of thought I commited a sin by the look and the sound of disproval I got from this guy. Can he or the medicene I take cause me to fail my physical? I feel aweful in how I was treated....any advice will help. I just really want this job. I would never practice nursing unsafely...Ive been on these meds for years.
  12. KayDubb

    1st time NCLEX-PN TAKER

    Wow, Probably one of the best posts ive ever read on this site..I take my NCLEX-PN this Saturday...I will remember your advice...Im scared to death! xoxo
  13. KayDubb

    need care plan help

    Why would a 20 year old whos been in accident have cardiovascular or GI issues. I dont get it! I cant find anything. argh! i know she will be bet ridden for 3 months...pls help if you can. I hate care plans!!
  14. KayDubb

    nursing notes

    Im a new nursing student...just now getting into nursing notes...my case was a left arm fx. Im not sure how to write about it...it was bruised and swollen...so much so..that she was bruised into the left breast...can anyone give me any pointers? thanks in advance..
  15. KayDubb

    IV time tape

    Does anyone have a link for an IV time tape? One like you would see in a hospital? thanks for your help.
  16. KayDubb

    dimensional analysis problem HELP!

    thanks, you guys are awesome!