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dimensional analysis problem HELP!


can someone pls give me the dimensional analysis for the following problem? I've been using it all along, but now I'm not doing something right...

Order: Heparin 40,000 units IV in 1 L 0.9% NS at 1,000 units/hr.

Calculate the rate in mL/hr ________________

please if anyone can help, I would appreciate it..


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If the question is right, (it seems not ordred/available very well) here is what I get.

ml/hr= 1000ml/40,000u x 1000u/1hr = 1,000,000/40,000 = 25 ml/hr

hope that helps.

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order: heparin 40,000 units iv in 1 l 0.9% ns at 1,000 units/hr.

calculate the rate in ml/hr ________________

you want to end up with ml/hour:

1000 units/hour
(dose desired)
x 1 liter/40,000 units
(dose on hand)
x 1000 ml/1l
(conversion factor)
25 ml/hour
(amount to give)

thanks, you guys are awesome!