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  1. How would you handle the documentation of this? RN admits client on Saturday, client wants flu shot. The RN calls the MD on Monday and gets the order for the vaccine and supplies. Do you include the order for the nurse to administer the vaccine, the supplies, and the medication on the 485? Or, do you leave it off and add a supplemental/ interim order because you didn't really have this order at SOC? I'm wanting to include this information in the 485, but the RN performing the SOC does not think it should be done. I look at it in the same light as PT evals and their inclusion on the 485 if done within a certain time frame. Are there written guidelines to time frames for inclusion on the 485?
  2. KMcRN08

    Subbing ?

    Also, if possible with your nursing school schedule, try to sub as a teacher. I subbed on Fridays for grades K-8 while in nurisng school. It looked great on my resumes, as I had 3 years experience in the school setting PLUS hospital experience. It really gives you something to talk about in interviews, as you have seen both the educational and health sides of a school.
  3. KMcRN08

    What form to do for visit?

    Not sure what forms to fill out- Went to do a recert visit today, 4/23. Client's cert is up 4/25. Getting there, suspected client had DVT. Tried to get him into MD office, but they asked for me to send him straight to ER. He is being kept @ hospital. SO- do I transfer him as of today, and let that be my terminal OASIS if he stays past end of cert? I am not sure what type of actual visit I would log on my time, regular SNV, OASIS/recert? So confused- but it seems like I stay this way?! Sure I could ask my boss, but I appreciate input before I approach.
  4. KMcRN08

    Supplements to School Nurse Salary?

    hello everyone! i have read this forum for several months now, as i've prepared for interviews for several school nursing jobs. it is so great to know what the issues are that you all have experienced. unfortunately, they were lvn postings, and i was not hired as an rn. my question is: do any of you take on exta jobs to boost income during the summer months, or over other breaks from school, or after school hours? if so, what types of jobs do you do? i ventured in my nursing education in hopes of becoming school nurse, took pediatric job out of school for several years to get pedi experience, but due to transfer of husband i have found myself working medicare home health. over the course of these two jobs, our household budget has grown...and we will be very tight on the salaries paid to school nurses in my area. i don't want to make my poor husband work himself to death, so that i can work my "dream job" anyway, i am still very, very eager to be a nurse for a school district. however, i would definitely have to do a little something else on the side. any ideas other than per visit home health visits? all suggestions are greatly appreciated!