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Supplements to School Nurse Salary?

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hello everyone! i have read this forum for several months now, as i've prepared for interviews for several school nursing jobs. it is so great to know what the issues are that you all have experienced. unfortunately, they were lvn postings, and i was not hired as an rn.

my question is: do any of you take on exta jobs to boost income during the summer months, or over other breaks from school, or after school hours? if so, what types of jobs do you do?

i ventured in my nursing education in hopes of becoming school nurse, took pediatric job out of school for several years to get pedi experience, but due to transfer of husband i have found myself working medicare home health. over the course of these two jobs, our household budget has grown...and we will be very tight on the salaries paid to school nurses in my area. i don't want to make my poor husband work himself to death, so that i can work my "dream job"

anyway, i am still very, very eager to be a nurse for a school district. however, i would definitely have to do a little something else on the side. any ideas other than per visit home health visits? all suggestions are greatly appreciated!

In a survey last spring of NASN (http://www.nasn.org) members, 31% reported working another job. Some did it to keep up with acute knowledge and skills, but most did it for financial reasons. One-fourth of that group works outside of nursing in their second job, and some of those work in a family or spouses' business.

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Right now with the flu season alot of agencies have been looking for nurses to give flu shots at hospitals and other places. Maybe you can do per diem in a nursing home as a supervisor or even in a hospital as an evening supervisor.

I know you do not want home care visits, but I honestly think it might be a good choice since you can pick your own hours it allows for very good flexibility.