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bklynbaby has 18 years experience and specializes in GI/GU surg,Pacu, ct surg, home care, NH.

I have been a nurse for 18 yrs. Started off at 19 as a LPN worked in nursing homes as well as homecare. I spent 6 years working as a RN in CT surgery and PACU. Since 2010I have been working as a Nurse Practitioner in a general surgery. Currently looking to branch into non bedside care,

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  1. bklynbaby

    sick child care center

    Yea I was hoping to combat this by having them fill out a medical release form which will allow their doctors to send any pertinent health information ie past illnesses, immunizations, etc..to the office. And of course disclaimers would be signed and I would probly need to make a list of issues that if encountered the child would need to be immediately picked up or if its a medical emergency sent to ER It seems like there would be a need, since its much easier than taking the day off I def wouldn't suggest doing this type of care in the home
  2. bklynbaby

    sick child care center

    I am interested in starting a sick child care center. Basically this would be for sick kids, so instead of parents having to take a day off for their sick child, they can just drop them. Colds/flu/gastroenteritis along with mild illnesses are the type of kids we would expect Wondering if anyone has any experience with this type of business? Any thoughts? suggestions TIA
  3. bklynbaby

    reading EKGs- an advanced privilege?

    Ive never considered reading an EKG a privilege. I read EKGs at my facility. if there is ever a concern for cardiac changes there is always a cardiac fellow on call who can remotely look at an EKG for me. There are also in house medicine consults available. All EKGs done at my hospital are given a final interpretation by a cardiologist attending usually within 24 hours. in my experience if there is ever a question refer to a cardiologist regarding EKG changes,
  4. bklynbaby

    United Healthcare Housecalls

    She is Nassau County Long Island. If I'm not mistaken that was her first NP job, I don't believe she worked elsewhere as a NP. She did however have home care experience as a RN. If there are a lot of postings in your area it may not hurt to apply now, however they probably wont even interview you until after you have your license. So its really up to you, I have never applied for any job RN or NP until after completing and having my degree.
  5. bklynbaby

    United Healthcare Housecalls

    My friend works fulltime with UHC house calls and makes 132k plus bonuses yearly, gas and mileage reimbursement. she sees 8 patients a day 4 days a week, she gets paid regardless of whether a patient cancels. If you are getting paid per patient I would assume its a per diem job. I remember when she was per diem the rate was still about 100/ patient.
  6. bklynbaby

    New York City Nurse Practitioner

    yea ...
  7. bklynbaby

    Legal Nurse Consultant (LNC)

    Hi I was wondering are LNC programs offered through universities just as good as the modules through AALNC or Vickie Milazzo? . Ive seen a few universities that offer the LNC program through their legal studies department. Ive noticed the required text is the same. The courses are about 5 or 6 days and usualling accreditated for CE. The big difference Ive noticed is price, one state college offers it for 895 compared to 1600 on the AALNC site and 5000 for Vickie. Just trying to get a sense of whether those two programs offer something more that make money spent worthwhile
  8. bklynbaby

    Need help passing certification exam

    Fitzgerald has a very good review course. I used them for my FNP test and I did well. Everyone I know that has used them has passed the ANCC test. So try them they have a website www.fhea.com. They have live in person review courses as well as review tapes and I think also online review courses.
  9. bklynbaby

    Dear preceptor

    When they say there is a nursing shortage I know why. So many happy eager nurses are graduating from nursing school ready to take on the challenges of nursing. However these same nurses are confronted with negative critical, over bearing, condescending nurses who take pleasure in torturing the newbies. It is like its some kind of “gang” initiation or something. When they say nurses eat their young, they sure do. I have seen senior nurses congregate at the nursing station where they discuss and gossip like schoolgirls about the new nurse. I once had a nurse who with a smile on her face told me that she made her preceptee cry. Mind you, this new nurse was an experienced nurse from another hospital, she was only new to our facility. This hostile work environment created by some nurses is what drives young and new nurses to quit and leave the hospital. These nurses get burnout because they do not have that support that they should be getting from the senior nurses. I am not saying that this is what happens the majority of the time, but I am sure that most nurses have either experienced or witnessed this behavior at some point in their careers. It has definitely made me on some occasions question why I became a nurse.
  10. bklynbaby

    FNP in NYC

    You can only do one clinical course at a time. But you can take two core courses at a time, but I wouldnt recommend more than that. I took 6 credits each semester. Also pharm and patho are both pretty intense, so I wouldnt recommend taking those two courses together. When I attended pace there was a summer clinical course however I dont think they have a clinical course in the summer anymore. But I think you can still do clinical hours during the summer in order to lighten your load during the regular semester. Another thing please get all of your core courses out of the way before you take Advanced health asssessment and start doing clinical courses. Those clinical classes are six credits each and are hard enough without having another workload to deal with. For your elective I suggest Gross Anatomy, you go to SUNY Downstate and dissect a human body, very interesting. If thats not your thing then Complementary medicine is also pretty interesting. In order to survive keep up on your reading. Do not fall behind. If the professor gives you a blueprint for the exam, study everything on the blueprint. I just started working as a NP so I have no real opinion yet on whether I like it. Give me a few more months.
  11. bklynbaby

    FNP in NYC

    It was pretty good. However since I graduated they changed it to an online program now. I am more into lectures where I can sit and ask the professor questions. So for me I would not want to do an online program. I have a friend who is currently enrolled in their NP program and likes it. I have another friend who was not into the whole online lecture so she decided to transfer to a traditional NP program with in class lectures. T They also changed their clinical courses which makes it much easier. When I was enrolled we had to do 215 clinical hours per semester. It was very stresful working full time, and trying to get in 215 hours of clinical within a three month semester. They now changed it. They split the clinical hours up so that you can catch up on hours during the summer. So its up to you. The curriculum is good. It definitely prepared me. Just decide whether you dont mind online classes.
  12. bklynbaby

    Doctoral degree to become an NP???

    I dont have a source other than what I have heard from several of my NP professors who stated that ANCC will require this in 2015. So I guess thats not a definite either.
  13. bklynbaby

    Doctoral degree to become an NP???

    I live in the NYC area and most major institutions like Columbia, NYU, Pace, Hunter, & Stony Brook have not begun phasing out their Masters program. And of these schools that have DNP programs they require advanced practice nursing experience. The State Board of Nursing varies from state to state about the current requirements in order to practice as a Nurse Practitoner. So now the question is will the State Board of Nursing now require a DNP in order to practice as a NP? Another issue has been whether or not a DNP should or will affect insurance reimbursement rates. Medicare reimbursement rates for NP services currently vary from state to state. So the question is will medicare recognize the DNP and if so will it affect reimbursement rates for DNP services? I currently work in a hospital so this does not affect me. But for NPs working in outpatients settings this is very important. The nursing community still has not even been able to agree on the entry requirements for the RN. There is still debate about whether all ASN programs should be phased out. There are many who feel that basic nursing education should be standardized to be a BSN. My point is, that the DNP entry requirements for the NP is controversial. And I doubt that it will be resolved as soon as 2015. There is too much inconsistency right now. I do feel that nursing education requirements should be standardized across the board for all Nurse Practitioners. However there should be consistency in state requirements as well as consistency in program curriculum. There are some DNP programs that are jokes. For right now I am still skeptical.
  14. bklynbaby

    Doctoral degree to become an NP???

    There is still debate about the standard education for NPs to be the DNP starting in 2015. There are many within the nursing community that are unsure about the benefits of the DNP program. So it is not a definite that by 2015 it will be a requirement. They have not yet reached a consensus on that. You are right that some schools will start phasing out the MSN NP programs. I know that ANCC for sure will require a DNP starting in 2015 to even sit and take their certification test. So its all up to you. By 2015 all current NPs will just be grandfathered in. So you would be OK. But I would say atleast start working and making some NP money before shelling out for the expense of a DNP.
  15. bklynbaby

    FNP in NYC

    I have thought of it but right now I am really trying to determine how beneficial it would be for me. I dont necessarily feel that a DNP would help me be a better NP. Also once I get a DNP will my employer even recognize it and compensate me accordingly. Im sure I will still be taking care of the same patients that I was taking care of prior to the DNP. Will my patients have better outcomes because they have a DNP managing their care. Right now its hard to see how beneficial this degree will be to NPs. If I do get a DNP it would probably be just to be able to say I did it. I have looked into differnt schools like PACE and Columbia. PACE's DNP has courses in health care policy, informatics as well as evidence practice. Columbia has courses that are similar. And they both have a research based project.
  16. bklynbaby

    Doctoral degree to become an NP???

    I think it would be to your benefit to actually work as a NP before getting your DNP. The DNP is really designed for experienced NPs with experience who want to increase their knowledge base. I dont know of any school that allows you to enroll in their DNP program without experience. Another thing. Wouldnt you want to start working as a NP and determining if you even like being a NP before you go and invest thousands of dollars into another degree. Just a thought. Me personally I am still debating whether or not a DNP is worth it for me.