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    Why are CV OR nurses "CV Queens"?

    Everyone who is not in the CV OR, in my hospital and wherever else, say that the CV OR nurses are CV queens. How did we win that title?
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    NTI 2016: Family Presence During Resuscitation?!

    I say let them be there, if they wish, as long as they don't get in the way. However, from my personal experience, I would NOT want to be present to see a family member of mine being resuscitated and can't understand who would want to. Unfortunately, a little over a year ago, I had to leave work and go to the ER (in the same hospital) because I was told that my Mom was sent there. I was scared; I didn't know what was going on. When I found her and saw her unconscious, my world came crashing down. When the Rapid Response nurse identified who I was and told me she had coded upon arrival, I broke down. Even though I wasn't there, since I have seen how CPR goes and knowing that my dear Mom went through that tore me up. They got her back, but she was only with us 6 more days until I lost her. I can barely handle a code now, even when they aren't mine. I nearly had an anxiety attack last week after just seeing the Code Team; I didn't even see the patient. It brings back sad memories. I thought I had healed some, but apparently not.
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    Leaving Bedside Nursing

    I've never been in bedside, so I really can't compare the OR to the bedside in my experience. However, the OR has it's own caveats. Get ready to be a runner for everyone. Sometimes it feels like there is no respect and you are a handmaiden. Stress from patient interaction is not really an issue since the patient is sleep, but stress from interactions with your coworkers, superiors, and physicians will replace it.
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    Keep failing checkoffs

    Today was my turn to do any random selection of 6 skills: NGT, trach care and suctioning, foley catheter, central line dressing change, and tube feeding. I had to do trach and female foley and totally flubbed. Then I started crying. I already cried once before in front of my instructor and I'm pretty sure she thinks I'm unstable now. My nerves got the best of me, although I didn't know the stuff well like I should have. I had of all this other work going on and neglected practicing. This is the third time this has happened! We repeat a set of skills sometimes as part or our program's checkpoints. I failed VS checkoffs first semester, med checkoffs (the 2nd one although I passed the first) second semester, and this one (which was also the second time around). I doubt myself a lot concerning my skills. I did pass the EKG and math portion, thank goodness. Strangely, I felt no motivation so when I was failed it was no shock. Still not sure why I cried. I guess because my prophecy came true. Are there other ways to deal this anxiety, besides practice? That unmotivated, paranoid feeling is horrible to have. I contemplated not even showing up to checkoffs because of being so nervous and aware of the outcome. Not winning.
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    Are You An Innie or An Outie? Personality Testing And You

    Another INTJ, here. Man, we're just racking up our numbers here, aren't we? Way more of us than I expected. Can I ask, what specialty are you other INTJS working?
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    My Reasons For Avoiding The Acute Care Hospital

    Glad I'm not the only one to think this. I always dreaded my Med-Surg clinicals and thought "If this is where I have to be a nurse, I'm not sure I want to be a nurse." Then, I realized that I don't have to, well, unless it's my only choice. It's probably not that bad, but the patient load variances between various hospitals and units frighten me because there is always that chance that I never know how many patients I might have for the day. However, I would pick it over ICU, even though ICU has less patients. ICU is way too much. ER too. Slower paces, I say! However, I ultimately settled on OR being my specialty of choice. Go figure. I definitely appreciate the "one patient at a time" approach.
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    Taking care of patient with C.Diff?

    I just started Med-Surg I and my first clinical day for the semester is tomorrow. I went today to pick out a patient and asked the young nurse at the desk for any suggestions. She suggested an elderly guy that is on isolation and has contact precautions because of a recent diagnosis of C.Diff. I went ahead and accepted it because she said he was really nice and figuring it would give me a good learning experience. Thing is that I never performed any precaution measures besides the standard precautions. Now after delving in a little more to how dangerous C.Diff actually can be, I'm scared. There's going to be a lot of gowning, gloving, masking, and hand washing going on. What about my shoes? What about everything else in the room? This is only my second semester in clinicals. I have enough health problems as it is; all I need is C.Diff. Geez, what did I get myself into? :uhoh21: I know it comes with the territory, but I'm scared being a baby student nurse. I should've never said "yes."
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    Angels Children's (Part 3: Hanh Tran)

    Chilling. And I second the first comment!
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    Angels Children's (Part 2: Little Miguel)

    Great reading. Sucks for the character. I wouldn't want to be in her shoes! Keep these stories coming!
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    Angels Children's (Part 1)

    You, I like. Keep the scary stories coming!
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    The Disrespect Of Nurses

    Why is it when you go to workplace all the rights that you are entitled for yourself as a citizen, as a human being are denied? Shoot, I'm not about to have anyone threaten me. I will call security or the cops because if there is no one going to stick up for me, I need to do it myself. They need to quit making places of employment like abusive relationships!
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    Are student loans haunting you?

    Right now, I have $26k+ in student loans with my first payment looming in the next month or so, way sooner than I expected. As of right now, I also don't have a job. If i don't find anything, I will have to defer. Hopefully soon I will be able to get a job where I can afford the payments and try to pay them off in 2-5 yrs. I really don't want to give them all that extra money in interest if I can help it. That's $11k I can save for myself in the bank! It might mean living like I only make a $23-25k/yr salary, but my mom has did it all this time as medical assistant/phlebotomist, so I should be able to swing it too. Thank goodness I don't have rent or a car note!
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    My NCLEX story...

    Well, I guess it's like a saying we may have heard before: "God only helps those that help themselves."
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    How did/do you pay for nursing school?

    $26k in student right here! Holla! /sarcasm
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    Can a registered nurse live comfortably with their salary?

    Who said it had to be a new Mini Cooper? Hello, there is a thing called "buying used"! Besides, Mini Coopers aren't any more expensive than a nicely equipped Toyota Camry. You don't see people in a huff over a nice Camry; they just accept it. Other than that, I cosign with everything else that the others have posted above.
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    Anyone else hate group projects?

    I know this topic has been posted already in the past, but I just had to rehash it. It seems like they are an unavoidable part of school that everyone has to go through and sometimes it doesn't go smooth. What I hate is when the group decides to wait until the last minute prepare and complete the assignment when I'm asking earlier "Shouldn't we need to meet now?" so it won't be rushed. But they say "No" and I end up forgetting about it until the time gets closer, even though I am thinking "We need to be working on that!". Then they are all like "We need to do this, this, and this by this time! Can you meet at some inconvenient time and place? Blah blah. We don't care about your plans or schedule because this needs to be done! Turn in your stuff as soon as possible, preferably tonight." Its as if my time is less valuable than theirs. I'm tired of this. Next time I need to put my foot down and say "Listen, we better start meeting now and getting our work done because I am not going to have ya'll clog up my weekend because it was decided to wait until the last minute." It never goes well and people get way too agitated. I like to take my time on things, not doing a mad dash to the deadline because other people wanted to and make me look like I'm the bad guy (well girl really). I'm tired of bending over backward to accommodate others time and feel like I still get ****** in the end.
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    OB Rotations

    I have OB rotation this summer. I'm working on some pre-clinical case studies and a med worksheet now that our teacher advised we have done my the first day of class...which is Monday. One of my classmates who has already went through the OB rotation said that the rotation was pretty easy for a nursing course, although the nurses at the hospital were rude. I'm pretty sure that's the hospital I'll be going to. Learning this is like starting to learn nursing all over again. I just got Med/Surg down. I wish there was a way I could just skip OB and Peds. Pregnant women and kids aren't my thing.
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    Nursing School Loans

    I know they are out there, it's just that sometimes they are not as easy to obtain as the government loans. If your credit is average to excellent, you shouldn't have a problem. However, they do have the power to reject you based off any delinquencies they see fit. I've been denied for 2 alternative loans and gave up after the 2nd because I didn't want to keep getting the credit hits. If I didn't qualify through one, I'm probably not going to qualify for the other. Sub-prime lenders are a no-no.
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    Summer is here!!!!SN plz join

    I have 10 credit hours waiting to beat my ass this summer. 3 clinicals of ICU, OB, and Research. Where's a spoon so I can scoop my eyes out now?
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    Worth it or not Smartphone

    FYI I use Virgin Mobile for my Android phone. They have great plans at three tiers: $25 for 300 anytime (AT) minutes/unlimited messaging/unlimited web, $40 1200 AT minutes/unlimited messaging/unlimited web, and $60 unlimited everything. I have the $25 plan and have been using it since August 2010 with another phone before the Android one was released. I had them originally when they first came out back in 2003 and they were great then but wayyy better now. There are a few nuisances with network outages and such, but for the price, it is a great value. They operate on the Sprint Network. I get what most others have on their $80+/month phone plans for way less $$$.
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    Critical Care Drug Reference Guide?

    I was wondering if anyone knew whether a drug book specifically for ICU for clinical rotation is a good idea? I already had ordered it, but silly Amazon canceled the order for whatever reason, so now I am debating should I spend the extra money. It is not a required book, only recommended, as we already have another drug guide. Are there any particular drugs that may not be included in a regular drug manual that would make buying this book a good investment? Just trying to control my costs here; I'm always debating on "Recommended" textbooks. It's this book in particular: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0323031676 I already have this book: http://www.amazon.com/Daviss-Drug-Guide-Nurses-CD-ROM/dp/0803619111/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1306278431&sr=1-1
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    Do you memorize definitions?

    Not word for word, but just enough to get the basic idea of what it is I'm talking about. Now if it's for a test and I have to know it word for word, then I will try much harder to memorize it that way.
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    May not finish last year of school?

    Mostly due to financial reasons. So far, my grades have been excellent. However, I have been in school for 4 years already and have used up my $8000/yr scholarship for the fifth year. The remaining funding is barely going to cover tuition and fees. I thought I could take out a small private loan to cover the rest, but I unfortunately discovered that my credit is bad, way bad ( I am super ****** because thanks to her bad decisions, my graduation, which has already been delayed 1 yr because of the stupid 3 yr nursing program, will be prolonged even more. I can't even get approved for a $3000 loan its that bad. If my balance is too high for a semester, my school will not let me register and I won't be able to finish. I feel really crummy right now and have no idea what to do. I could try to find a job (besides my student worker job), but who knows how long that'll take and to save up $9000. Has anyone ever even left nursing school and picked up where they left off? I see it in other majors. I just want to finish so I can move on with my life, but instead I'm really stressed right now. I'm entering adulthood with s**ty credit and thus will hardly be able to attain anything for myself. Loads of emotions going through me right now.
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    May not finish last year of school?

    I already know about it being a form of identity theft and fraud. I confronted her about the charges and possible consequences, which she claims she used to pay utility bills and groceries, and it got really ugly. I'm scared to confront her again; She completely flipped out on me big time. I will just have to pay the small settlement for Fingerhut on my own and wait until that other charge off falls off in about 7 yrs. The credit cards are expired right now, so its a matter of paying them off. I'm already paying for the other credit cards which had a cumulative total of about $900. It sucks, just like the rest of my life right now. BTW, it's so expensive because it is a private religious university. Sometimes I do regret going to the school because of the price, but what's done is done, so I have to finish it out. I'd be lucky to get out with under $25k in student loans upon graduation. I'm already at $19000.
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    May not finish last year of school?

    I already have taken out Stafford Sub and Unsub loans. Financial services told me I could have my mom apply for a federal parent loan, which I know she will be denied, and they will use that money that was denied to use as additional loan money for me as a Stafford loan. However, I just thought of another plan, although it may delay my graduation by a semester. I think I have enough funding to get through the summer and fall semesters. If I can take the spring semester off and instead take those classes with the financial aide from the 2012-2013 school year in the summer semester of 2012, which would be cheaper anyway, I would probably have less to come out of pocket and probably less loans. This is assuming I pass all 5 classes from now until then and will not have repeat them, which will, of course, push me back. I will bring this up to financial services and see what they say. Maybe that will work? It won't help my credit situation, but it will allow me to avoid taking out private loans and minimize my loan debt by $4000 maybe. I could also use that spring semester to work some more, get together my graduate portfolio, and study for NCLEX and any remedial HESI, if needed.