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RN. Currently pursuing MSN-FNP

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  1. Job Market for CWOCN

    What are your opinions on the job market/outlook for CWOCNs, or advanced practice CWOCNs? Trying to decide if it is worth completing a program and sitting for the exam. I am a nurse practitioner working in surgery and wound care. Do you think this wi...
  2. Advanced practice CWOCN

    Hi. A am a nurse practitioner working in general surgery and wound care. My supervisor wants me to attend a wound ostomy continence program and become certified. I have read things about advanced practice CWOCNs, and I'd like to have that distinction...
  3. CDS vs DEA

    I'm trying to understand the difference between these two licenses, why we need a DEA# if we have a CDS, and also the requirements for obtaining both. Does it differ by state? I am in NJ.
  4. Can you sit for the ANP exam..

    Can you sit for the Adult NP exam (through ANCC) if your degree was in family?
  5. Anyone who recently took AANP

    Anyone recently take AANP FNP exam? Was wondering if you knew what % of questions you have to get right to pass. Also wondering for input on content.. Did you have a lot of antibiotic questions? Anything in particular that your exam was heavy on? I u...
  6. Specialty and DNP

    If your MSN is in Family NP, and you go on for DNP, can you complete, say, acute care clinical courses during the DNP, and sit for the acute care NP boards following graduation? Or do the DNP clinicals have to be within the specialty you chose during...
  7. Working before licensure

    I am graduating NP school in one month. I understand I may be waiting 2-3 more months to take the certification exam. I recently interviewed for a job that wants to hire me basically out of school, and do my orientation while awaiting my licensure. T...
  8. NP Pain Management Jobs

    Graduating from an NP program in August. Anyone have ideas about how to get into a pain management practice or clinic? I have RN experience in rehab (CRRN) and inpatient acute hospice experience. My NP degree will be in family/primary care.
  9. State Credentials

    Another question... Do you have to use both the credentialing body AND state letters after your name?? Say I get certified through AANP and work in NJ... then I would be Mary Doe, NP-C, A.P.N., C. That sounds confusing with the multiple N's and P's a...
  10. FNP working in specialty

    I am graduating from an FNP program this August. I have a feeling I want to specialize in something, or just do something more specific with my degree rather than work in a primary care office. However, I am worried about the recertification process ...
  11. Theoretical Framework - Help

    For my capstone project, I need to choose a theoretical framework to guide my literature review. I've taken multiple research classes, written a handful of comprehensive research papers and reviews, but I have never come across instructions to includ...
  12. FNP, CRRN?

    I just found remembered I'm eligible to take to test for certification in rehabilitation nursing (CRRN). This is something I wanted to do since I started in Rehab. I recently went per diem at my hospital to make room for NP clinicals, and when I'm an...
  13. Need Some Academic Advice (Primary Care NPs)

    Thank you so much! That was exactly the kind of answer I was looking for!
  14. Need Some Academic Advice (Primary Care NPs)

    Hi. I am starting my final year in a Family NP program and will begin working on my Capstone/Thesis project this fall. I want to choose a really good topic. The two qualifications for "really good", to me, are: 1) Interesting, and 2) I will learn som...
  15. Peds Rehab Count for CRRN?

    I have been in adult rehab nursing for almost a year, and though I kind of fell into rehab upon graduation, I've come to really enjoy it and also want to work toward specializing in something. Even though I like my job, it's a 50 mile (one-way) commu...