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    Looking for a free or low cost lpn program to start in summer or fall

    okay cool im gonna go get the book to study from!! I just graduated from a cna class at boces in northport on friday im soo ready to start lpn.. both my teachers from boces said I could you them as references:lol2:.. thanks alot anniemichellena. so i should go on monday and do the application and then they will tell me abut the pax-lpn test or do i do that first?? Farmingdale is not even 10 mins away from!! One last question when does the next class start if i dont do well on the test??
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    Looking for a free or low cost lpn program to start in summer or fall

    plzz plzz plzz DO TELL.. how was the process was it long & tough?? did you study for the entrace exam?? Did your classes start yet?? Thats where I want to go
  3. Okay so yesterday I took the skills portion of my midterm.. its 3 skills they give you and I haven't gotten my grade back but I'm sure I failed 1...One of the skills was to do nail care to right hand and I did the LEFT!!! I haven't failed anything yet and of all things I mess up on my midterm..it makes me wonder if I will be a good nurse since I can't even make it in cna class..Has this happen to any of you?? Today is the written part which I'm not too worried about but I couldn't sleep just thinkin about the skill I may have failed.
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    FAILED SKILL PORTION OF MY MIDTERM!!!!!!! Need some real support guys..

    Just an update I got a 70!! the lowest in my class imagine how I feel..One girl left crying yesterday and she got higher than me..
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    FAILED SKILL PORTION OF MY MIDTERM!!!!!!! Need some real support guys..

    @miiszkim THANKS SOO MUCH FOR THE FAST RESPONSE.. I'm in class now and the teacher said the skills count for 50 percent of the grade.. Thank you though soo far I'm holding on..
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    I need some encouragement!

    Hang in there so that you can gain experience if you don't like it after that then if you want you can quit..
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    CNA on long island

    ohh okay thanks!!! I go to boces for cna its a good school.. they have night classes for lpn also.
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    Fastest Way to become an RN

    thanks sooo so much!!! I think I have my plan en route I'm gonna go to a community college for 1 yr or less then transfer to the local university.. and have my bsn in 4 yrs wow the whole time I was thinking 6 yrs lol
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    Fastest Way to become an RN

    okay soo lemme get this right... I prefer to go straight for my bsn would that take 4 yrs or is it 4 yrs college then 2 yrs nursing school?
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    How did you make the decision/pay for NS/pre-NS?

    I'm in new york as well (on long island).. I'm confused myself about what I will do. I even looked at some communiy colleges with campus housing in other states..Is it hard for you to work and go to school are u doin both fulltime?I would loved any advice too!!
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    I'm so scared and just don't know what to do.

    If you don't mind me asking where is that what state?
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    Are you getting a ADN or going straight to BSN ?

    I will start at community college and transfer for my bsn..
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    Fastest Way to become an RN

    I know this thread is old but what school was that where you became an rn in 3 years and then took 1 year to have a bsn??Am I correct when I say to become an rn with a bsn it takes 6 years??is that how it works??
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    CNA on long island

    Do you know how long you would have to work there before they would help you go to school for lpn or anything else???I'm taking cna classes and after I would like to go for my lpn or rn which would they assist with??
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    Will RNs soon become mandatory over LPNs?

    what school will you be going to if you don't mind me asking?
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    Skeptical about the high amount of Student Loan

    wia is from the state I believe.. they will pay up to 6 thousand (in my state of new york) for your education..
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    CNA trainees peforming peri-care in class on each other? Is this true?

    Its sooo true when your hear ppl talk about doing peri care on each other..I'm not at all comfortable with this but what can we do about it??
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    Nursing at SMCC

    I'm interested in SMCC because it has campus housing at a community college and it has a high pass rate...Can I get some recent advice on the school from anyone??I plan to go for a year and then transfer to a university nearby
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    LPN to RN Classes: My Experience

    Okay soo 2 years for pre reqs and then try to get into rn school?? Is that how it goes because I figured if I take classes during the summer it would be a little shorter. When you finish with school you will have an adn rigght? And then your going back for bsn or is that what your working towards now?? Just a tad confused not much lol Thanks for answering all my questions not many people do that. You would be a good teacher and wow what a change in career!!! CONGRATS TO YOU Its been a tough road but your family must be so proud of you. PS: I'm shy also and become anxious at times
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    LPN to RN Classes: My Experience

    Wow that gives me hope she was a c student and now is such a good nurse!!!You seem like a great person most people strive for perfection but who ever gets there??:) And I agree with you on wanting to know the real answer to somthing instead of just the definition that way you really understand it. I too would also like a bsn and then msn just because it opens soo many doors that having an adn may not.. What was stressful for you though that made you seek therapy?? Was it way hard? How are your teachers?
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    LPN to RN Classes: My Experience

    colleen thanks soo much for the fast response!!:heartbeat i am 23 with no kids and i plan on goin full time including the summer how long do you think that is?? and when your done do you have any idea what nursing school your gonna go to?? i bet with your grades alot of schools would be happy to have you!! i hope that i can be as successful as you.. pllz tell me your secret to good grades
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    LPN to RN Classes: My Experience

    I personally already love this thread!!! Being from long island and reading from your point of views is great.. If you both could do it over again would you go straight for your adn or would you still get your lpn license first? Thats pretty much the point I'm stuck at:bluecry1: In total how long will it take you to become an rn?? I'm 23 and pretty much have my mind set on being an rn by 29 lol:chuckle soo what I do day by day is read post so that I can get an idea.. ANY ADVICE YOU GUYS??
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    Plzzz help!!!! Ideas for the perfect resume

    i'm planning on starting school in the spring at a community college for adn then move forward to bsn before going to nursing school. my question is what would be the perfect resume for a hospital to look at for a new grad?? volunteer work i know of, but what else would set my resume apart from others? should i become a cna or a medical assistant to give me some medical experience?? all advice is greatly needed lol :chuckle also how did you guys support yourself during school?
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    Nassau Community College?

    Thanks so much for your advice
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    Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

    WOW.. my mom has worked there since before i was born i think shes at 40 years lol .. She loves it and now that I'm 23 I've realized nursing is what I want to do and when I'm done with school Memorial Sloan Kettering is my first choice. Do you think in about 5 years I will able to work there since she maybe retired by then?? And will it help that shes been there for so long? I might be able sooner if they accept adns