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  1. Hello, I am currently 6 months preggars and due during finals. I know it is going to be a challenge but I have found the students and teachers are very very helpful at my school. This is my 2nd so I am hoping to have her then return 3 days later. I h...
  2. UTHSC-Houston Fall 2010 bsn generic SCHEDULE

    You just fill out the form on the parking website and fax it in. They will then call you and confirm. t
  3. UTHSC-Houston Fall 2010 bsn generic SCHEDULE

    Hello, I will be starting with you. I have the books so can get you the list. Also the south extension lot..i think I will be paying $66 a month. Then i think i can walk or just take the shuttle for free from there. About health assessment i am sure...
  4. Hi, I got in and had a 3.6 in science, 3.3 in pre reqs and a 83 on NET. I had a little experience as a medical assistant. I think as long as you do well on your interview you have a high chance
  5. This is such a tough decision...I feel very motivated and deeply feel like I will be able to do this. I spoke with my OB and she said go for it so I asked her what my restrictions were and she said the main thing is lifting. Then she said of course t...
  6. In my mind I can have her on the 9th or 10th then make it back for finals on the 13th :) lol
  7. Thank you all for responding. I am trying to get ahold of my advisor to also speak with her. I have heard both sides from many people. This is my second child and I completely understand that you never know what will happen. I do have a great family...
  8. Thank you so much for your responses. This is my second pregnancy. Have such a big decision to make before the end of the month
  9. New mom starting nursing school

    Just wanted to say I am there with you...I have a 2 year old and this baby is due Dec 8th..2 days before last class day. My husband is also working like crazy so the housework and kid duties are mainly mine right now. We did discuss organizing and ju...
  10. Hey guys, I have read many post about pregnancy and nursing school and they have been helpful. But lately I have been hearing the same question often and that is "have you thought about deferring till the Spring" I completely get why people are askin...
  11. UT Houston Fall 2010 (University of Texas at Houston)

    Oooh soft scrubs sound comfy! Guess I should be looking for maternity ones!
  12. UT Houston Fall 2010 (University of Texas at Houston)

    Wow you guys are awesome! Thanks for this information!
  13. UT Houston Summer 2010 Accelerated Program

    YAY congrats!! Yes there is a group Im ready for the packet
  14. UT Houston Summer 2010 Accelerated Program

    Well even thought mine says "conditional" I got the email today!!! It is for the traditional but that is just as fine with me :) :) Wow that I had no chance
  15. UT Houston Fall 2010 (University of Texas at Houston)

    WOW so I applied to Bacc 2 and yesterday saw "conditional acceptance" and had no idea what that meant so I thought I was waitlisted... but I got an email today saying I was in for the Fall!!!!!! Yay I really thought I had no chance!!! So here I am, n...