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  1. TEAS

    I know there is lots of posts on here about the teas test... But.. Oh goodness.. I was doing some of the practice teas tests online and they are hard! (and sheesh it covers sooo much material) is it that tough? I did order a study guide which should...
  2. That's awesome!! Congrats!! I'm seriously considering an lpn program come spring (jan)..what is the program like if you dont mind my asking?! Any advice?! With no patient care experience.. I wonder if i will freeze during a code!!
  3. plz.. help me to decide which job I should take..

    i def think number 2!! did you take the position?! #1...could def... for lack of better words screw you over...with hours... (and no benefits...that sucks!) you have no guaruntees!! is moving closer to #2 an option?! it’s sounds great :)
  4. What did i get myself into?!?

    Oh my goodness!! I would so be in over my head!! The best of luck to you!!! Lol not only are the classes tough..but some of the overlapping material might be hard on you!! Did you talk to an advisor at your school or anything?!

    right after graduating in 2008, i continued with school as a full time student for a year and a half... after still seeming so far from getting into ns i evaluated my life and decided i want to work full time to finally be making decent money... now ...

    I guess that's how my school weeds out students... You can drop a class but only so far into the course (like halfway through it.. Or before then)..but up until that point..i think i'm always doing well! Lol if you 'withdraw' you receive a "w" for th...

    *you can't re-take if you have passed the class.. I passed "C" ...but that's not a good enough grade for nursing programs!!

    at the schools I have and will attend they do not allow for students to re-take classes I had planned on doing so...
  9. Any CNA advice would be helpful!

    hey i went to fl med prep off 66th in pinellas. I loved the program and have my cna :) ...although i haven't worked as one.. i did apply for positions and didnt get any calls or anything.. I landed an awesome job now :) but with it being full time mo...
  10. Older Student/Over 60 years old

    have you thought about LPN or CNA?! it's still towards the nursing field but not as competitive..at 20 I'm truly struggling!! Things are just so competitive now its ridiculous. Best of luck to you!!
  11. students at PHCC

    hey does anyone know what hours the nursing program are at PHCC (pasco-hernando)?!!! I know they have a day and night program..thanks!! you would think this would be easily found on there website...of course it isn't!! thanks!! lele :)
  12. students at PHCC

    thank you soo much!! great i thought they did have a night program.. currently i'm working 12 to 9 monday through fri.. so idk what i'm going to do once in the nursing program..whenever that will be!! have you taken the teas?! I'm pretty sure..i wil...
  13. PHCC

    thanks!! and you too!! best of luck to you!! yes I'm certainly dreading the TEAS as well goodness!
  14. PHCC

    Hi Everyone! I was curious as to the nursing program at PHCC... I'm currently a student at SPC but seriously..their requirements are endless and I live in Pasco (they take pinellas county residents first) ...basically I don't know if I would be acce...
  15. PHCC

    sorry..it took me so long! haven't been on here much :/ sadly!! lol I
  16. PHCC

    hey!! thanks!! I believe I've chatted with you on posts before...jeez i'm torn as well!!! idk what to do but my dream of becoming an RN seems so out of reach at times..it's truly frustrating!! go you though!! compeleting requirements at both schools...
  17. A&P 2 Spring 2010

    A helpful thread to get us through!! :) ...what'd you guys end up with in A&P 1?!
  18. A&P 2 Spring 2010

    mzchas good luck to you!! that's awesome!!
  19. phlebotomy program before applying to nursing school

    I'm not sure that it'll be helpful to you, getting into nursing school but the experience is good and the money can be great! (from what I hear)..esp at like quest diagnostics and such!! I actually thought about doing that for the money and experienc...
  20. A&P 2 Spring 2010

    classes start the 11th for me :)
  21. A&P 2 Spring 2010

    That's awesome!! ugh I ended A*P with a C.. i was so close to a B the entire semester n then bombed the final and I got a 92% in lab. I just got a full time position so I will be cutting back on the amount of classes I take.. I've always been a full...
  22. A&P 1 students,,,, How ya doing?

    I'm waiting to see what I got on the A&P lab final! the lec. final is next weds. for me! I'm hoping to make it out of both with a B!!! (praying.. lol)!!! Good Luck all!! :) I signed up for A&P 2 next semester..and lab and I'm planning on taki...
  23. psh.. not at my school! nursing courses are when your accepted! ...that'd be awesome if we could knock some of them out..but kind of defeat the purpose of NS anyhow! lol they sure do have lots of prereq's though!!
  24. A*P 1 students!

    Jas I have that site already book marked!! lol I do look up tons of websites and find sites through this website as well!! lol anything to help!! Had the test today!.. I'll let everyone know how it went I'm praying for a B or better! The suspense kil...
  25. A*P 1 students!

    AHH... test tomorrow on the muscular system (and articulations & histology!)!! Any advice or help?! So much to know and study!! And I'm freaking out about the cumulative final..we've covered SOO much information!! ughh anxieties! lol *afterall, b...