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All Content by allycat75149

  1. Do ANY hospitals in Dallas still hire LVNs?

    I'm a student nurse at the VA and they hire LVNs. I heard its hard to get in though.
  2. Student Mistreatment

    My professor always say stuff like "Look it up." I was talking to her later and I told her that some ppl were taking it badly. She said that the reason she makes you look it up is that you remember something you have to work to look up. She also said...
  3. HESI A2 Test at El Centro College

    I took the HESI at El Centro and did really well even though I havent had anp2 yet. The day I went I was kinda freaked out by all these people in the hall with study guides and text books. I didnt do any studying for it and was fine. The anatomy and ...
  4. LVN program at EL Centro or Grayson County

    El Centro gets over 200 applicants for only 30 spots. Grayson gets about 450 applicants for the RN program for 70 or 80 slots. Im not sure how many applied for the LVN program. I have been concidering both schools as well. Anybody know Graysons pass ...
  5. Surround area schools and Grayson Community College...

    Does Grayson have LVN programs start in both spring and fall? Anybody know how many applicants? What was the lowest points accepted into the program?