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  1. belle08

    Puerto Rico school feedback?

    If you have a Bachelors or ALL of their Gen Ed requirements done (not your previous school) then you could finish in two years.
  2. belle08

    Puerto Rico school feedback?

    I agree, the program is very much what you make of it. If you're there to learn, the resources are there. The nursing professors are great. Hato Rey would be the closest area I would suggest living near the school. The area which the school is in I believe is technically called Rio Piedras, Cupey is a little farther. Which banks? I believe the Metro Campus has a Santander ATM right outside the school.. not 100% sure on that it is Santander though. I had to stand by it many times waiting for my ride home : ) Maybe it would be convenient to sign up with Santander since you would have access to an ATM whenever you went to classes.
  3. belle08

    Puerto Rico school feedback?

    Oh, and to whoever said why don't they keep up with their NCLEX passing rates it is because it's not applicable to the school. The majority of the students (English and Spanish trimesters) stay in Puerto Rico and they don't have to take the NCLEX. They take a nursing exam unique to Puerto Rico, hence no passing rate. It wouldn't be very accurate if only 20 students took the test. Puerto Rico does however have a testing center for the NCLEX so that you don't have to retake it in the state you wish to practice!
  4. belle08

    Puerto Rico school feedback?

    Wow. I sure wish I would have seen this before I could have been a HUGE help. I attended the English Trimester at the Inter August-October 2009. Let me tell you that anything you know about the college system in the US goes down the drain in Puerto Rico. Forget it and don't compare it because it's NOT THE SAME, AT ALL! Not in quality but in the way things are done. Where to start? Let me take you through my journey of the Inter. I applied in July, very last minute. I wasn't accepted into the school until two weeks before the trimester started( I have a 3.8 GPA, it was nothing short on this end). They just simply are that laid back and slow. It's not a priority to be on time to them, they'll do things when they need to get to it. I got lucky because I wasn't living there; my mom went up to the school and made them individually look up my application and do all the things they needed to do for me to get in. Ha, so here I was worried about getting in when the director told me she likes to give EVERYONE a chance. She even accepted someone with a 1.8 GPA, but it wouldn't matter because he would drop out anyway. She's right though but you never know. The best way to take things done: be a b-otch, get in someones face and get all your stuff turned in, IN PERSON. Forget reaching them over the phone and over the internet, IT'S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. And if it does, good luck you ever have that experience again. So once I was accepted I went into the nursing director's office. She saw my transcripts and signed me up for classes. She gave me a huge packet of information that was very helpful and a schedule of classes for the next THREE years (yes three, NOT TWO!). Sorry to tell you, but unless you're just changing your gen ed's for the BSN you will have to go in to the school to do register/change classes the old school way; paper and pencil registration and wait to stand in line 2-3 hours (haha, if you're LUCKY just 2-3 hours). You literally have to take whole days off to get things done there unless you've got connections. Now, where am I? I've got my classes, I'm registered and I've got a to do list. To do list: get an immunization record on file, get a certificate of good conduct and some other things. It's not stressful you just have to get it done. All of my classes were from 6pm to 10 pm. I had class Monday, Wednesday and Thursday I believe. They don't have classes Fridays... at least I never did and neither did my brother who did the marketing English trimester program. I also suggest taking online Gen Ed's if you're going to, the English professor is awesome : ) I had A LOT of time to do things...... so much time I had no idea what to do with myself haha. I can't tell you much about clinicals. I couldn't borrow anymore money for school (and nor did I want to) so I got a job and moved. All my friends are still in the program and I will tell you- even through all the stress of the chaos of classes, once it all settled down, it was an amazing experience. I really miss it there. I know clinicals are Saturdays from 7am to 3pm? or 4pm? They are very long! Anyone who wants to "travel" to the school because they want to live close to the water is CRAZY!! I lived FIVE stinkin' minutes from the school and sometimes it took me 30 minutes, 1 1/2 hour to get there. Traffic sucks, leave early and get used to it! THe professor don't care much anyway if you're late. Enjoy the "island" time. **ANY requirement they have is a joke, besides transcripts. There is no GPA, prereq's and you don't HAVE to go to orientation. I'll tell you we were supposed to have orientation and none of us even got the info of where/when it was. So as far as *I* know we never had one and we wouldn't have learned much anyway. By joke I mean, if you can't get it done, they'll forget about it or let you turn it in super late. Also at clinicals you are paired up with a fully bilingual student and professor. If anyone has questions that weren't answered feel free to ask before you get there. There are no hotels in that area I recommend (near the school). There's a VERY inexpensive health care plan offered by the school! It's awesome : )
  5. belle08

    Any Navy Nurses?

    I would also like to know too : ) I've been thinking about going down the same path.
  6. belle08

    Are you going to the Inter American University?

    If you have any specific questions you can ask me on here, I have been thinking about how to talk in private (tattinatti) but I don't know how since I'm a new user. I have some information I can share. My brother has attended the Inter before but I haven't. August will be my first semester at this school. My mom spoke with admissions because I was not in Puerto Rico yet and the admissions lady said that the best group of girl shes ever seen is in the nursing night classes. Yay, I will be in that group haha. I wouldn't recommended living on campus. My brother said the dorms are HORRIBLE, dirty, old etc etc. I wouldn't know though and he's also high maintenance :nuke:. He likes the school. It's very easy to find where you're going in the trimester program because it's all in the same building. Everyone speaks english (if you can't speak spanish) and you sometimes have to talk SLOW otherwise they look at you like you're crazy. You can pretty much walk everywhere here, luckily this time of year around the Inter there is a breeze so it's not too hot. Don't know what else to say but like I said any specific questions, go right ahead and ask.
  7. belle08

    Why Are So Many Students Worried About Expensive Tuition

    I'm going to answer the question and not in anyway take it as an insult. Why am I so worried about expensive tuition? Reason #1: My parents are divorcing/bankrupt no help there, I'm on my own, books, tuition, everything! Reason #2: Even with a 3.8 GPA I started school a semester late (see reason #1) which means I didn't get the scholarships because at the private institution I attended only awarded them during the Fall semester. Reason #3: My private university cost me 8,500 for one semester (if you didn't know, my max student loan borrowing is 9,500 a year) so I only have 1,000 for next semester (hmm yeah.. that'll pay for books!). Not only that, the max awarding for a scholarship I could get at my university was 5,000 (still 2,500 off). Reason #4: Even if I wanted to get a private loan so that I could keep attending, not gonna happen, I have ZERO credit. Reason #5: My whole life I was held to the belief I would have my college paid for by my parents who make 140,000 a year.. yet that was lie, a little too late to do something about it. Reason #6: It's simply not an option as I cannot afford it, not in anyway (well ofcourse if I won the lottery :wink2: ). It's not worth it to go to to private university if I can't afford it. Should I go for a year, get the max amount of loans for a year in one semester and then be unable to get any money next semester? or from that point on(bc of the credit requirement)? (there's my dream of nursing downnnnnnnnn the drain). Yet, in my home island of PR there is a private institution that will cost me 5,000 for 36+ credits+books+other fees. That's around 80 for credit hour (not exact I know it is in the 80's)... now that's as much as community colleges cost in the states!! DEFINETLY going there. I'll work my butt off and fulfill my dream. Conclusion to your question: If it wasn't for my families situation, my inability to get more loans, and my inability to have gotten a scholarship I WOULD'VE ATTENED A PRIVATE COLLEGE IN A HEARTBEAT!!(in the states). I could've easily afforded it through loans, my parents helping and a scholarship. Yet, I am attending a private institution but it's one of those one in a million that is very cheap! There's my answer. Complicated, yes, but that's how it is!
  8. Is anybody here going to the Inter American University, the english trimester program in August? I'm going to be moving back to Puerto Rico and if anyone needs any help, I can definetly help you out. It would be nice to meet some people that will be going to the same school prior to school starting. My entire extended family lives there, born and raised there, I can show you around so on the weekends you wont be bored : ) haha :spin:Hope to hear from somebody! haha or if you have any questions about what its like there, anything, really let me know!
  9. belle08

    ADN? PR to FL

    Hi everyone! I will be going to the interamericana english trimester program in PR. I know what I'm up against, crazy people,the heat, "puerto rican" time, crazy drivers.. because I'm one of them : ) born and raised there, later on moved to the states now I'm back to PR. :nurse: I'm sure this question has been asked before about BSN.. but I will be moving back to FL after I finish my four trimesters(with an ADN) and was wondering what do I have to do to get a license in FL? I don't mind taking the test over again, etc. Will they just let me take the NCLEX? or if I pass the PR exam for nurses will my license transfer over? I'm planning on getting my BSN later on.. just right now it's not the right time for me. Thank you all : ) P.S. I'm new here!
  10. has anyone here taken the cna exam in fl? it's driving me crazy that some of the things in the skills portion (small things!) are different from the va cna exam and i'm worried i'll fail. here's an example.. the virginia cna exam for measuring weight requires you to check the patient has shoes on and get them on the scale then subtract 2 lbs from their weight. from what i read in a forum elsewhere.. in fl you have to place a paper towel on the scale and then help your patient onto the platform? does anyone know if this is right.. or if they can remember any others? any advice? i'm not nervous, i really don't want to fail though(passed the va one with flying colors). i know some of the nurses that grade you will fail you because of small things. help? haha. thank you : )