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I am an RN, recently married with 3 beautiful kids. I have been unemployed for 7 months now.

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    hello! i too am from missouri and live in the central part. i am a full time psychiatric rn working inside the prison system. i am working at the only intake facility in the state for men. i use to work for the intake center for women but left there after one year and transferred to my current job. let me tell you, working with the men is so much easier! sure i have a few whiners and complainers etc, but nothing like i use to have with the women! i actually have men that state that don't want meds while in prison! wow! i never had a woman say she didn't want something while she was serving her time. anyway, i am the mental health rn for the whole prison and i mainly ensure the inmates get their psych meds after i have put all the orders into the computer (we use mars). i am also responsible for getting psych meds discontinued due to non compliance. i love what i do and have some great co-workers. we actually have fun at work even when it's stressful some days. i am the mother of 3 children ages 12, 14 and almost 16. i am happily married to a wonderful man that works in a forensic psych hospital for the criminally insane. he is a security attendant. we have been married for 3 years. i have been a psych nurse for 16 years and before that i was a pediatric nurse. i have worked in a variety of areas in the hospital between psych jobs but have always went right back to psych when a position opens in mid missouri. mental health is not a great field to be in if you live in missouri because of all the budget cuts etc. we need mental health services worse now than ever before but the government just doesn't see that. i won't get started on that issue. nice to meet all of you and i hope that you had a very merry christmas!
  2. cindyrn1

    Web site for federal prisons??/

    Who do you have to provide the Mental Health services in your prisons? We are privately contracted in the prison that I am with in Missouri. I was just wondering who provided your mental health services and how big that staff is? Do you have an RN that deals with the psychotropic meds and orders etc?
  3. Hello to all! Those of you nurses who have your BSN or MSN, could you tell me about how long it will take me to get my license from an ADN? I have numerous college credits that I can use, but I am unsure as to what is going to be needed for me to further my education. Can you clep out of some courses? What are some of the courses that you have to take to start on your BSN degree? Did you find it harder than regular RN school? Can I do some of it online since I work full time and have 3 kids at home? Any information you could give me would be greatly appreciated. One more thing..at this point in time, does it make a difference whether you have a BSN or Masters in Nursing when there is such a nursing shortage? Are the jobs out there for BSN's or Masters level RN's? Thanks.:wink2:
  4. cindyrn1

    Columbia MO RN Salaries

    merry christmas! i wanted to give you another option for your nursing career in missouri......cms in the prison system and forensic psych nursing at mid mo mental health or fulton state hospital. cms is desperate for nurses right now where i work and they are paying really well along with shift differential and bonus shifts. the prison is located in fulton, mo which is about 30 miles from columbia. fulton state hospital is also located in fulton, mo but it's a whole different type of nursing. you are dealing with the criminally insane and it's a fairly dangerous job. (i worked there for 7 years). mid mo mental health hospital in columbia is run by the same ceo as fulton state and it's much safer than fulton state. it's a state job so the benefits are great as well. let me know if you would like any other information on these areas? oh and when i worked at capital region in jefferson city, i was making about $35 an hour working 2 twelve hour shifts on the weekends only. a great job with full time benefits.
  5. cindyrn1

    Do you believe in the power of prayer, do you pray?

    If you haven't read it yet, you need to read "The Purpose Driven Life". I have found in my 40 years as a person, that our Lord and Savior is always there for us and always takes care of us. There are times when I pray for something that I don't end up getting but I always know that there must be a reason why God does not want me to have it. He is not like a Genie where you can make wishes and they come true. You have to really have a relationship with Him and truly believe in your heart that He is the Savior. My mother went into ARDS in 1990 and was life flighted to Herman Hospital in Houston, TX. To this day, they do not know what she came down with to cause her to almost die. She had pneumonia and was due to be released the next day from a Lake Jackson hospital but she didn't make it home. She was in intensive care for almost 4 months. She was in a deep coma for about 3 months. Every single hour we would have a doctor come and tell us that she didn't have much longer to live and that we needed to go and say our goodbyes to her. This went on for weeks and weeks. Needless to say, there were so many people praying for my mother and her condition during this horrible ordeal. At the time that my mother got sick, my father was still working as a Nuclear Engineer and he and mom were avid members of a great church in Texas. During the 4 months that I stayed with my dad to help him, the family and my mother, I prayed constantly. I had just has a baby and was still breast feeding, I had to be responsible for the house, the bills, the visitors, the phone calls etc etc etc. At no time did I have time to cry or scream like I really wanted to. My mother is a devout Christian and I couldn't believe that God would want to take her away from us at the age of 42! As the days went by miracle after miracle began occurring for no reason. Her heart began to beat more regurarly, her kidneys began working again, her respiratons were better and they were weaning her off the ventilator. I think the thing that touched me the most during this with my mother was when we first went to the hospital she was still talking. She said that she would die for the Lord and she would die if it meant one more person would be saved during our adversity. Well my ex husband ended up getting saved during all of this and so many more people's lives were touched because of what my mom went through. Today my mom is living well, fairly healthy and living a life of good. We are closer today than we have ever been. We lost my father due to a bike accident 2 years ago but he too was a miracle because he got out of the Nuclear Engineering business and became a Minister! Prayer does work.......just remember to Thank Him for his answers! :)
  6. cindyrn1

    Where do you nurse?

    I am the Mental Health RN at the Women's Prison in Missouri. There are two in the State and I work at the largest one. We have over 1800 inmates and over 800 of them have some kind of mental illness. I have been a Forensic Psych nurse for 8 years now and love it.
  7. cindyrn1

    Blatant Nursing "No-No's"........what's your worst???

    We use to have a male nurse that would take the cap off of the syringe and drag the needle down the concrete wall on the way to the patients room before giving the patient a shot. This way it would dull it and hurt worse going in!!!!! I never saw him do it but I had heard from other nurses that he did it and then he would brag about doing things like that. About 20 years ago at the same hospital, the aides gave the medicines to the patients and they wouldn't even measure what they were giving. If the patient was upset in the slightest, he would recieve a large dose of thorazine or haldol and if the patient was calm, he would get just enough to keep him calm. Needless to say, being a new nurse in this hospital proved to be very difficult when I refused to do anything close to what they were accustomed to. You just would not believe some of the things that go on in State facilities. There are some good nurses that work in this system yet there are some really bad ones as well. The male nurse I was talking about above, has since died. I had another nurse who had been at this facility for several years and she ended up being fired because she forced an NG tube into a patient perforating the patient's sinuses and causing permanent nerve damage to that area. I am not perfect in any way shape or form but I think I would have stopped once I realized the patient was screaming in pain?????? :angryfire
  8. cindyrn1

    Blatant Nursing "No-No's"........what's your worst???

    When I worked at a State Forensic Psych Hospital I knew an aide that got pregnant by a patient and she still works there. On another incident an aide was caught having sex with this same patient on the floor in the canteen but she called it rape and so she still works there. An LPN that worked with me was smoking pot everyday and even after documenting her behaviors and them finding her urine dirty, she got her job back because it was considered an ADA issue? I can't believe all of these people still have jobs with the State but yet someone like me who tried to go back to work there when I couldn't find anything else was told that I was not elgible for rehire.......why?????? Because I didn't get along with one of my supervisors and I wasn't doing my groups during the week. Outrageous huh? None of the nurses were doing groups except me and yet I was not elgible for rehire because of that? It's incidents like these that really make me question my career choice sometimes. It is a known fact that more people trust nurses than any other profession. Yet the "bad" ones seem to stick around while the good ones get fired, laid off or let go. Sad.
  9. cindyrn1

    Flu shots for inmates

    There is definetly something wrong with society! Our tax money pays for a lot of things for the incarcerated. You just wouldn't believe the kinds of things these people get! Seriously, I have so many of them that would rather be in prison than back out on the streets. And in the Department of Mental health, they simply get EVERYTHING they want. So who would want to leave there? Something is terribly wrong with the whole system when they put these kind of people first and people like us that follow the rules etc get hardly nothing especially when we need it! :angryfire
  10. cindyrn1

    CMS Anne Arundel

    Hello~ I just interviewed for a DON position with CMS and am wondering why this company has such a bad reputation? I would really appreciate your telling me the things that you know are wrong with it so that I can at least have a heads up before making a decision to take the job. You can IM me if you want. I have just heard over and over that no one wants to work for CMS. Why?????????
  11. cindyrn1

    Flu shots for inmates

    I too get very angry when I hear that offenders get the flu shots but individuals that have not committed a crime and need the shot cannot get it. I too think that when you mention chronic illness in the prison population there should be more detail given as to what bunch that is. I don't think that just because you have Hep C you should get to get the flu shot. I think it should be only those offenders that have SERIOUS medical conditions, pregnant women and the elderly in the prison setting. They mention in that article from the CDC that health care workers should get a flu shot as well. I believe we should too but if it were between me and a another person who really needed it, I would give my shot up. As a nurse I have been able to fend off most of the nasty bugs that go around. Plus if I were to get the flu.......I would be able to take a day off to rest~! I know that the flu can be very dangerous but again, they need to be more specific on who gets the shot and who doesn't. I bet you the Department of Mental Health is giving out shots for all of their patients........not fair at all! I know that they are insane most of them but there are many that are not insane but just copped a plea to keep out of prison. I think once again, they need to prioritize which patient will get the shot based on their medical conditions.
  12. I have heard good and bad about CMS in my years of nursing and I am wondering if any of you could share with me your experience in working with CMS right now. I am up for a DON position in a Correctional facility with CMS and I would like to find out if CMS is the company for me to go to just in case they ask me to take the job? What is the average pay for an RN? Are the benefits good? Do you feel appreciated by your company? I could sure use some of your insight before I make a decision about this potential job. Thanks. :balloons:
  13. I have an LPN friend that desperately wants to go to RN school but can't due to finances. Does anyone have any ideas on how she can get the money and financial assistance to put her through school? She said that they take your last years income to decide if you qualify for a pell grant so she can't get a grant. It's been so long since I went to school that I don't even know where to direct her to get help. But surely some of you new grads could help me out in giving her some info on how to get her RN with very little money that she makes right now. I would really appreciate any advice or suggestions. Thanks~!
  14. I have an interview tomorrow for a DON of a huge Prison and I am wondering what the pay range is for a DON with CMS and what are some of the job duties that will be required in a job like this? I currently work in the prison system but I am the Mental Health RN. I only make $40,000 a year and that's with me driving an hour to and from work everyday with only 10 hours of PTO time per month! I would appreciate any insight anyone could give me on this. I am in the Central part of the Country. Thanks. :balloons:
  15. cindyrn1

    Day in the life of a Psych Nurse?

    I have been a psych RN for 15 years and have worked with every age from 2 to 99. I know for a fact that I would never want to be a social worker for the pure fact that I would be limited in what I could do for them. Right now I am a Mental Health RN for a huge Women's prison and I love what I am doing. I get to spend time with each of the inmates (like a social worker does), I get to do groups with the inmates, I get to handle crisis interventions, and best of all I have an excellent relationship with my psychiatrist and I make sure these inmates get the meds that they need or get them changed as needed. I am the only Psych nurse for 1800 women and it's such a great feeling hearing an inmate say that they are feeling 100% better since starting on their meds and that they actually have goals for when they go home. I start my day at 7:30 am or 8 am depending on when I want to come in. I get in my mailbox to see what MSR's (medical services requests) have been submitted from the day before. I then look up on the computer when they were last seen by a psychiatrist, what meds they are on, if they have been compliant with meds and what they are wanting to be seen for. I then call out the ones that I need to see. I might spend 4 hours a day talking to inmates about what their problems are and how meds might help them. Then I spend the remaining time charting on my computer everything I talked to the inmate about. I then order the meds, make copies and take them over to Medical so that they will pass the meds that were ordered by the psychiatrist. There are days that inmates are sent over from medical in a crisis (crying, anxiety attack, etc) and I will deal with them on an individual basis getting them whatever they might need. I will also go over to the mental health side of the housing unit to see the ones that are in a program for the mentally ill. I have groups with those inmates. My biggest job though is ensuring these mentally ill inmates are taking their meds and if they aren't why not? It's a great job and I love what I am doing. There is some days that there is stress but it's very short lived and easily manageable. The officers are a huge help in all situations because if an inmate gets out of hand or raises their voice in a threatening manner, all you do is call the officer and they take the inmate away. I almost always leave after working my 8 hours. If I want to work 4 ten hour days and take a 3 day weekend I can. But I usually just do my 5 days a week. There is virtually no overtime and I rarely leave any work undone from that day. When I worked in a Forensic Hospital (Maximum Security) I worked with aides and WE had to deal with the aggressive patient. So I was in physical altercations almost everyday. I got hurt more times than I can count when I worked there. I finally decided that my life was more important than losing it working with those kind of mentally ill patients. Prison is SOOOOOOOO much better. I hope this helps you in seeing what kind of day I have when I work everyday. The drive to and from work is the only thing I hate about my job because it takes me an hour to and from work. But so far it's worth it to have this great job. Good luck to you in whatever you decide to do. Regular hospital nursing on Med/Surg was probably my worst job ever and working with children and adolescents in psych has been my best job ever. Take care! :balloons:
  16. cindyrn1

    Asperger's syndrome

    Hello! I am a Psych nurse and have specialized in this kind of nursing for almost 20 years. My son was diagnosed with ADHD before he even started kindergarten but only because I knew the signs and he had most of them by age 4!!! If it weren't for the medication, he would have had a very hard time making it through the early years in school thus causing him to probably fail a few years. I, like you, didn't want to put my baby on meds right away but after a lot of research and working with these sort of kids, I realized that my child needed the medicine. Their little brains are moving a thousand miles a minute and this is very disturbing for them. They can't help what they do sometimes and I really feel sorry for the ones that aren't on meds or can't pay for the meds to help their condition. I am a ADHD adult and let me tell you, if I would have been treated earlier in life, things might have been a little different for me. I have never regretted NOT being on meds, but my mother has since told me that I was such a handful for her growing up. I just started STRATERRA yesterday matter in fact. This is a NON stimulant medication for ADHD. So a lot less side effects like for the Adderal, Ritalin or Dexedrine. I don't mean to go on and on about this subject, but please use your heart to decide if your child needs to be on meds or not. It certainly isn't going to hurt him if he does go on meds but if he doesn't, he will be miserable because his little brain and motor movements are going to be so fast. If you have any questions or would just like to IM me, please feel free to do so. I went through hell and back with my son and his ADHD. If I can help just one person understand what the child goes through and what the parent has to deal with, I feel that I have done good. I actually feel that my ADHD has helped me in my career and excelling in what I do as a nurse so I used my disease as a constructive disease. Always remember, love your child no matter what and please don't hesitate to do what's best for your child. That's just my opinion on this subject. Have a great evening. Cindy :balloons:

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