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ADN to BSN/Masters....how long am I looking at?

Hello to all! Those of you nurses who have your BSN or MSN, could you tell me about how long it will take me to get my license from an ADN? I have numerous college credits that I can use, but I am unsure as to what is going to be needed for me to further my education. Can you clep out of some courses? What are some of the courses that you have to take to start on your BSN degree? Did you find it harder than regular RN school? Can I do some of it online since I work full time and have 3 kids at home? Any information you could give me would be greatly appreciated. One more thing..at this point in time, does it make a difference whether you have a BSN or Masters in Nursing when there is such a nursing shortage? Are the jobs out there for BSN's or Masters level RN's? Thanks.:wink2:

traumaRUs, MSN, APRN, CNS

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Hi and welcome. I was an ADN who did the BSN and MSN online via University of Phoenix - very simple and easy to do. It did require much writing though. Very doable with kids and work though.

Headhurt, ADN

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You can also check into Fort Hayes State University. They have an online ADN to BSN program...AND they have an agreement with surrounding states (Missouri, Iowa, Colorado, Nebraska, etc) and even out of state people pay the instate tuition...which isn't too bad. One of my good friends is currently doing it, and she likes it. I plan on starting here soon.


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Hey TraumaRus,

Can I ask.......? Was the University of Phoenix expensive? I am about ready to start looking into programs for my BSN, but I am afraid that the online programs are alot of money and unless you are very strict with yourself about getting things done I am just going to waste money. How was your total experience?

Anyone else out there have any opinions? I would love to hear them.



gymrat33, LPN

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Thanks for the info, I am starting the ADN program in the fall and immediatly going into the BSN and then MSN program afterwards. I was also wondering about the University of Phoenix also.

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