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  1. edenprairie12

    New RN looking for a job

    hi,same my story outside usa experience,passed nclex from first time, now almost 8 months no job,looked every where. it is harder 4 us.maybe they prefer new grads from here on us,although i have 3 years experiance, be patient,patient,i was thinking soon after lisence i will get a job.i always get calls from other states but i dont want 2 relocate,think of it.
  2. edenprairie12

    where do i start?

    i live here in mn, got my rn license recently, i have 3 years med/surg experience outside the us.whenever i call the hiring companies, they are asking for at least 1 year experiance in us!it seems my experiance doesnot count! even nursing homes ! anyway i applied for so many positions in hospitals but didnot get any one. this is my question should i consider myself new grad and go through internship if i get one? and are there any hiring agencies that work with new grad, or someone like me.
  3. edenprairie12

    New Grads and Resumes

    hi every one here, any one would have alook at my resume.will be glad to pm it.
  4. edenprairie12

    the best rn-bsn

    can any one suggest what are the best rn to bsn programs in mn. ? any advise cause iam confused there are so many of them. thanks
  5. edenprairie12

    help rn-bsn online

    iam international nurse, i passed my nclex on 29th of march. i have diploma in nursing back home, now that i am in mn, i would like to go for online rn to bsn,since i am mother and pregnant. i did my research for about one month on which online rn to bsn university to choose,but iam confused,and lost.any advice, i mean can any body tell me thier opinions about which universities are best. then since iam international student how they will evaluate my transcript? can you give names of rn to bsn programs which are excellant. thanks.
  6. edenprairie12

    Anyone starting Chamberlain online BSN in April?

    iam also thinking of the same college, what do you think of it? there are so many online universities for rn to bsn.any advice where to join? thanks
  7. edenprairie12

    help plz

    i am international nurse, and i do not know what to study for drug calculation for nclex rn. i gratudated 5 years ago, so i find it difficult to study again all dosage calculation. my question is it enough to study the basics only? i have saunders and there is basics only? please help
  8. edenprairie12

    just wanted to say THANKS!

    :redbeathe congratulation very happy for yoou, u know am international nurse, and i am worried alot about nclex, iam using saunders. can you tell me what was the questions looks like? cause i feel that saunders ? are so easy? what disease did you encounter in the exam? what should i do to pass like you? any advice.
  9. if i can afford one of those books which one should i buy to practise nclex rn exam?nclex made incredibly easy, or exam cram?please advice.
  10. edenprairie12

    Suggestions for study material

    hi, i am enrolled now in hurst review online, it is just a review for basic nursing information, they do not cover all the content that i need. and i regret spending money. basically, i do not think i will pass by using it, i am trying to do it by myself. i am sure that you know all the content that is in hurst because it is so easy and basic. stay away from hurst.i am sure you passed.
  11. edenprairie12

    finaly passed NCLEX on my 3rd time, this is how i did it...

    congratulation, am very happy for you. i have question should i study unfamiliar disease like bell's palsy, gullian barre syndrome trigeminal neuralgia? or to focus on the major disease.
  12. edenprairie12

    NCLEX Takers Support Thread

    i know this is very difficult exam for us, i wish every body will make it through.
  13. edenprairie12


    hi every body, i studied nursing in united arab emirates, for 3 years so i have diploma, and i worked there for 3 years. my question is that i have to pass NCLEX ,i already got my CGFNS evaluation? what books should i review in order to pass the NCLEX EXAM?