what should i do?


i bought exam cram practise questions after i finished hurst online review and saunders to practise questions. i red so many threads that said that the book is full of errors, in terms of knowledge but i didnot mind buying it cause so many so that the language of the book is close to the one of nclex. now having said that, i discovered so many mistakes ,and wrong information in the book so i lost my trust and confindence in the book. should i stop using the book? i paid 20$ to get it. what other sources do you recommend? thanks, :crying2:


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Hahaha. I felt the same way when I reviewed for my exam. I used Lippincott's Q&A Review for NCLEX-RN which had its fair share of errors, some of which were normal typos while some impacted the nursing content. One example of which was a CPR question for children, I think, which asked for the appropriate ratio. I looked through the four choices for the right answer which I knew, but it wasn't there. What I did was I just looked up the answer on the internet. Probably because I have an old edition which might not have been updated to current standards.

I would advise you to still answer questions on your book as it will make you accustomed to NCLEX-style questions and the wording of it, but be on the lookout for any errors. If the rationale bothers you and you think it might be incorrect, you can just look it up on the internet to verify it.


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If you don't like a particular book, just find another one and use it. Good that you are finding errors, that means you must be learning the material. Good luck.


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I would not use that book then youshould get another one. I was also wondering how did the hurst review go I was looking at buy the online review but money is tight and 300 is alot of $$ but if it's worth it then I can maybe find a way. Plz let me know if you thoght the review really helped.


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i took the online hurst review which is for 3 months, there is good content review, butnot in depth. i mean it doesnot covr all the diseases. mainly i was weak atfluid and electrolyte, endocrine so it was useful. it all depends on howgood or weak you are in your nursing content. and some times they said itis same review for lpn which means basic knowledge !!!!!!. any way they cover some testing strategies which i thought was good.overall, am happy i did it because there is no content review in kaplan course. wish u good luck. i think online review is better than live review.