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    Lone Star Fall 2012 ADN Applicants

    Hey, and CONGRATULATIONS to all those who got accepted to NORTH HARRIS. I know the waiting was hard. Anyways I was a nursing student at North Harris last semester and I had to drop out because I am moving on May 24th out of state, and also because I am pregnant. I am SELLING all my nursing books some are new and some are used. If you are interested please feel free to email me at tiasiso22@aol.com. I know the nursing books are very expensive, but if you are interested in my books I will sell them to you for a cheaper price then the book store and Amazon, and I willing to work out price with you if needed. Thanks, Tia
  2. tsiso22

    San Jacinto ADN Spring 2012

  3. tsiso22

    hesi test

    K thanx, that site is really helpful.
  4. tsiso22

    hesi test

    Thank you so much! I will try those web sites,but where can I get the practice reading and math test? Is it a book that I have to buy? If so which is a good study guide book? Thanx again!!!....b/c i have to pass this exam…. This exam will determine if I can get in the nursing prog... I have worked so hard the past year to apply and I can finally in 2 weeks and I im so nervous ...and I want to study as much as I can so that I can pass...again I just don't know what to study...the advisors at my school r no help on what I should study.
  5. tsiso22

    hesi test

    Hey Im new on here. And I am going to take the hesi entrance test in two weeks I am so nervous and scared b/c I don't know what to study. I only have to take the reading and math part. I am not good in math...so is the math part hard? Any advice on what I should study would be appreciated.