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hesi test

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Hey Im new on here. And I am going to take the hesi entrance test in two weeks I am so nervous and scared b/c I don't know what to study. I only have to take the reading and math part. I am not good in math...so is the math part hard? Any advice on what I should study would be appreciated.

Try Math.com for basic math, fractions, decimals help. Also visit www.testpreview.com or .net to get the practice reading and math test. I'm studying for it now and plan to test in a couple of weeks. Good luck.

Thank you so much! I will try those web sites,but where can I get the practice reading and math test? Is it a book that I have to buy? If so which is a good study guide book? Thanx again!!!....b/c i have to pass this exam…. This exam will determine if I can get in the nursing prog... I have worked so hard the past year to apply and I can finally in 2 weeks and I im so nervous ...and I want to study as much as I can so that I can pass...again I just don't know what to study...the advisors at my school r no help on what I should study.

K thanx, that site is really helpful.

There is a HESI Entrance Assessment study guide by evolve at Barnes and Nobles for $37. That is what Hondrus recommended for the entrance exam. They also suggested www.studystack.com which I think is AWESOME! Good Luck!

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