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  1. mama2boyz

    Anyone has been enrolled at Owens Community College?

    I just came across this post and wanted to clarify something on the Owens wait lists. Yes, it seems outrageous when you first hear the wait list dates, but it's nowhere near as bad as it seems at first. I applied initiall in May of '09. I have a Bachelor's degree already in another field, but still needed several classes in order to meet the prereq requirements. I was awarded a seat to begin in August 2012. HOWEVER, now that I am completing my prerequisites at Owens, I can reapply at the end of this semester (less than two weeks from now) and will then my seat will be reevaluated. According to the advisor I spoke with, I should get bumped up to August 2011 (latest). And in the meantime there are a couple more classes required for the program that I can take before clinicals begin (intro to nursing concepts, patho, etc) So the wait list is really setting me back a year at most. Worth it to me to save the money. Also, GPA does factor in with the wait lists at Owens. For example, when filling the August '11 seats, they fill from highest GPA down...so someone with a 3.5 is going to have a better chance of getting a seat than someone with a 2.6. The person with a 2.6 may not be able to start until January - depending on how many people are on the wait list.
  2. mama2boyz

    Human Anatomy & Physiology book by Marieb 8th Ed.

    I have it in an unbound version. I've seperated out some of the chapters, so I'd need a couple days to get it back in order, but I'd be willing to sell it to you for $60 (includes shipping). I'm not sure if I have that particular companion book, but I will check - it came with two companion books and I never used either one...though I may want to keep one (clinical examples/case studies).
  3. mama2boyz

    Toledo school of practical nursing

    I've never heard of it...I'd be interested in more info though! How much does it cost? How long is the program? etc. I'm currently working on prereqs at Owens, but due to financial concerns, I may have to drop out. Would love to find a more affordable option to still pursue my dream of being an RN (even if it means becoming an LPN first)
  4. mama2boyz

    Becoming a nurse for the money...

    please note that my original message was not directed at any person in particular. it was a general sentiment regarding the entirety of this thread. personally, i'm quite sure the op was looking to get reaction from the board...and he definitely succeeded at "stirring the pot". kudos! lol
  5. mama2boyz

    Becoming a nurse for the money...

    I wonder...do students/professionals in other fields sit around and debate/judge/argue personal reasons for going into their field as much as nurses around here seem to? I've elected to return to school for a second career for a plethora of reasons. While not my sole reasons, money, benefits, and job availability were pretty high up on my list. I don't think that makes me a bad person or a bad future nurse (that will ultimately be determined by how well I do the job, not my reasons for going into nursing).
  6. mama2boyz

    Which class would you take?

    The ADN program I'm in does not require any sort of medical terminology course. However they do offer two different courses that I think might be beneficial. I just can't decide which to take. OAD 245 - Medical Terminology. 3credits offered by school of business, CIS/office adminsitration -designed to instruct the language of medical terminology (specialized and scientific language) used by those who have elected a career in the allied health fields or related professions. Students will be able to identify and understand information found in various types of medical reports. or HSC 100 - Interdisciplinary Health Concepts. 2 credits. Offered by school of health sciences. -introduces the allied health student to medical terminology and identifies techniques to improve and strengthen communication skills in patient and peer relationships. Provides an opportunity to journey through ethical dimensions as they affect professional lives and the quality of patient care. The student is assisted in teh development of an awareness and appreciation of the allocation of health care resources in teh US, the legal ramification of ethical issues and the importance of professionalism. Both classes are available on-line, which is what I would do. Thoughts?